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LollyLoz-MichaelW is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since May 19, 2008. She has a total of 76 public recordings that have been viewed 8,618 times and 12 achievement points.

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2011 - Michael and I have now begun our life together after living many miles apart for the first nearly 4 yrs..... We have decided to combine our Gold membership into one, as we do not get on here as much as we would like to, and it's a bit pointless paying for two Gold.
We have made so many lovely friends on Singsnap and hope to meet many more of you over time.

I love music but unfortunately, my main talents lie in other directions...... but that doesn't stop me - my love of music is the language that my heart understands, and i identify so strongly throughout my life with words and melodies.

I have been encouraged by my fiance Michael, and some of the friends I have met on this site, to sing from my heart, and that's exactly what i try to do. So what i lack in range and vocal ability, i know i make up for with singing from my heart. Michael has always loved to sing, so it's great that we now have a special interest together.

Between Michael and I, we have four daughters and a son, and twelve beautiful grandchildren, plus - horse, dog, cat, birds, love all animals, love and treasure life (being a breast cancer survivor).

We live in a small tranquil village in the rugged Southern Tablelands of NSW, Australia and work locally part-time for National Parks and Wildlife Service.