LnagaiLEVEL 52


Lnagai's real name is Linda Nagai. Linda is 65 years old, is located in Hawaii / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 13, 2011. She has a total of 103 public recordings that have been viewed 5,154 times and 298 achievement points.

The more I join contests and listen to everyone else sing,
the more beautiful every song becomes.
Singing is one of the best ways to share our hearts and souls,
and the more I listen the more I love how everyone sings,
young, old, perfect pitch even tone deaf,
the songs become beautiful
when I listen to your hearts through your singing.
My voice has been through some real ups and downs through out my life.
I am hoping I still have a few good years left to do the thing I love the most.
I want to thank everyone who comments on one of my songs,
it is so incredibly encouraging, and for your kindest support,
I find myself loving you all .