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lizzylynnsaunders23's real name is Elizabeth Saunders. Elizabeth is 31 years old, is located in Virginia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 24, 2009. She has a total of 13 public recordings that have been viewed 707 times.

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Hello , most people call me Liz..Some call me Lizzy, Izzy or Beth.I am a CNA ,A CMAA (Certified Medical Adminstrative Assistant)and (CBCS) Certified Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist..I HAVE BIG DREAMS FOR MY FUTURE AND I PRAY THEY ALL COME TRUE..sometimes I wanna give up and not even dream anymore..but then God makes another dream come true..So I keep pushing forward ready for whatever.....LIFE HAS IT'S UP AND DOWNS... .but that is what makes it so great! My mom and dad (Jennifer and Alvin Saunders) are my biggest fans they've been there since day one. (((I'll always be their babygirl))) ....Encouraging me to reach all my dreams...Without them I would not be the girl I am today.I am very fourtunate to have them and my brother Daniel and sister Suzanna and friends Ashley girl you are always there listening and being a shoulder to cry on.BRIANA AND KATIE YOU THE BEST ROOMATES EVER...and everyone else(you all know who you are!!!).......I'VE MADE MY SHARE OF MISTAKES....and I've got down on my knees and prayed to be forgived my share of times..We never know what tomorrow will bring..Rain or shine..Happiness or tears..Courage or fears????? Nobody knows.. we just gotta get through it... Just remember..we are never in it alone we have the lord by our sides!!! So many days I've tried to figure out who I was many days I was confused..I was lost without the Lord I was Dreading each day that passed..Doing the wrong thing every step of the way..Until one day.. I OPENED MY EYES... and remebered that girl I am...God is the only one who is gonna be beside you in the end..You can try to please your friends and everyone but if you know it's wrong and your doing it just to please them ..They are not worth your time..Listen to Gods voice telling you right from wrong..When you ignore his voice you know you feel bad sooner or later...So why go through that..your way better then that everyone is...Have respect for yourself,..
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