Lilly's real name is Marianne Hankkio. Marianne is located in Finland and has been a SingSnap member since November 4, 2006. She has a total of 982 public recordings that have been viewed 75,728 times.

The most important prayer for me and for all of us.

Here are the best songs that I have ever sung with my friend Vi Teichroew.
I can hear and feel a Heavenly sound in my Heart when I am listening to those songs.

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Ride Out The Storm
You been in the storm seems like forever
your nights of confusion has been so long
your ship has lost anchor and the storm's got you drifting
your night's almost over you can ride out your storm

Ride out the storm God is there with you
you may not feel him you're not alone
you're hurting now but your morning is coming
just hold on to Jesus and ride out the storm

Just remember God's promise, I'll never leave you
though the waters are raging, they'll do you no harm
don't give up the battle, for your answer is coming
just hold on to Jesus and ride out your storm

Repeat chorus