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LilD0ve's real name is LilD0~v~e St1lett0~(W)heelZ. LilD0~v~e has been a SingSnap member since January 20, 2008. LilD0~v~e has a total of 350 public recordings that have been viewed 14,025 times and 38 achievement points.

Used t0 T0ur as a pr0fessi0nal Actress/Singer, I've been in several mixed~media D0cumentaries & used t0 run V0cal/Relaxing/Breathing W0rksh0ps & have appeared in a series we had 0ver here called "L0nd0n's Burning", 0nly as an Xtra l0l. When I left the Theatre, I tried t0 start up a band & w0uld have called it "Stillett0~(W)heelz" l0l, h0wever, it didn't c0me t0 fruiti0n.

My id0lz are Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, ZZ T0P, Susan B0yle ~ am0ngst many 0therz.

I was b0rn with a Disability & m0re than half deaf, due t0 the DRUG "THALID0MIDE"; UNF0RTUNATELY IS STILL AVAILABLE, which really makes my bl00d b0il. This DRUG may temp0rarily help seri0us illnesses~diseases, such as Cancer, but it is NOT & HAS NEVER BEEN PR0VEN T0 BE A C0MPLETE CURE!!!!!!!!!THERE ARE 0THER DRUGS 0N THE MARKET THAT ARE USED TO TREAT THE SAME ILLNESS/0THER MEDICAL DISEASES THAT HAVE NOT, I REPEAT, NOT CAUSED BIRTH DEFECTS! 0F C0URSE I'M ANGRY & S0 W0ULD Y0U BE, I'M SURE. M0RE IMP0RTANTLY THERE ARE STILL BABIES BEING BORN WITH DEF0RMITIES CAUSED BY THIS F'INK DRUG! The family run West German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal GmbH , wh0 made this DRUG, KNEW THAT THEY HADN'T PUT IT THR0UGH THE TESTS, THAT ALL DRUGS MUST G0 THR0UGH, YET THEY WERE STILL ALL0WED TO SELL IT! Even s0me 0f the staff that w0rked f0r GRUNENTHAL WH0 STUPIDLY USED THIS DRUG, GAVE BIRTH TO CHILDREN THAT HAD DEF0RMITIES & STILL GRUNENTHAL FELT THEY WEREN'T TO BLAME & SELF PRAISED THEIR DRUG TIME & TIME AGAIN! In 0ur day it was UNF0RTUNATE because D0ct0rs, 0ther pr0fessi0nal pe0ple in the field 0f medicines & the public at wide, were n0t aware that this DRUG c0uld cause terrible def0rmities if given t0 expectant m0thers; but t0 still have this damn DRUG being used & making MILLI0NS, it's, in my 0pini0n, UNF0RGIVEABLE! I'd like t0 als0 make it clear, that my anger is & has 0nly ever been t0wards the "F'ing SCRAGGS" wh0 invented it & then failed t0 put it thr0ugh STRICT~RIGID TESTS ~ THAT'S REQUIRED BY LAWS, yet it was STILL all0wed t0 be manufactured & well, y0u/me/we kn0w what happened as I & many many 0thers are the existing pr00f. CHEMIE GRUNENTHAL HAVE SINCE AP0L0GISED, we all know that n00ne ap0l0gises if they're n0t needed to 0r are t0 blame f0r s0mething they've n0t d0ne! S0 0bviously by AP0L0GISING, THEY'VE ACCEPTED THEIR GUILT! I rest my case. D0N'T PATR0NISE US CHEMIE GRUNENTHAL & KISS MY FIRM & CUTE TIGHT ARSE, A PATHETIC SORRY, 0VER 50 YEARS TOO LATE, STILL D0ESN'T CUT IT! THERE'S S0 MUCH M0RE T0 THIS. I c0uld g0 0n f0r pages ab0ut this subject but the little bit that I have said sh0uld be en0ugh t0 let 0thers wh0 intend t0 bec0me parents, just be careful, (especially during early stage 0f pregnancy), that y0u d0n't take any f0rm 0f prescribed, (0r 0therwise), DRUGS, unless y0u really really have t0. ThanX f0r taking the time t0 read this.

I'm 0ne 0f the m0re f0rtunate 0nes, as, with the help 0f c0untless adapti0ns t0 my h0me etc, I can d0 alm0st everything y0u guyz can d0, but in a different~unique & I sh0uld imagine, much m0re fun way. I even d0 a mean massage wiff my chin, (gigglezzz cheekily). I’m tiny, (big smilez), I‘m in a wheelchair which I prefer t0 call my “STILLETT0~(W)HEELZ“. I d0n't believe in such thingz as "can't 0r w0n't!" If I wanna d0/g0/feel etc anything, then that's exactly what I d0~y0u sh0uld try it, it c0uld be fun, l0l.

I am all ab0ut Respect/H0nesty/L0yalty/Trust, but needless t0 say I w0n't be pushed ar0und 0r taken f0r a f00l either; I give as g00d as I get. I'm an Xtremely private pers0n & like very much n0w t0 be al0ne. Als0 because my hearing situati0n has g0t pr0gressively w0rse regarding "ch0mping~grinding~mechanical" n0ises I have all the time g0ing 0n in my head~ears. I can't hear much, I can't even hear myself & haven't been able t0 f0r a l0ng time n0w, s0 being al0ne saves me having t0 talk 0r strain t0 hear etc. I abs0lutely detest using a teleph0ne t0 the extent that I 0nly make ph0ne calls if I really have t0 & I never answer the ph0ne hence my ringer is 0ff 24/7. I feel music deeply & when I have my headph0nes 0n with the music vibrating, I l0se myself c0mpletely int0 it, s0 I guess this c0mes acr0ss when I sing l0l. S0meh0w the music vibrating thr0ugh the headph0nes makes the 0ther s0unds I get in my head~ears, mell0w a lil bit; y0u'll n0tice t00 that bef0re the s0ng even starts 0r right at the beginning I hum a few n0tes, this helps me start 0n the right key & subsequently the l0wer the t0ne~the better, which is 1 0f the reas0ns I set the pitch quite l0w & sing in a l0w t0ne.

Sadly, my Gran passed away April 23rd this year 2011, she had a str0ke September 2009 & I was N0T putting her in any "0ld f0lks h0me". M0st 0ld f0lk get teated like SHIT IN M0ST OLD FOLK HOMES 0VER HERE. It was an h0n0ur t0 be able t0 have her with me at h0me; with the help 0f the family, c0mmunity carers, my dear friend Maureen, (wh0's a nurse), all 0f wh0m made it p0ssible f0r me t0 have Grandma in a special h0spital like bed in 0ur livingr00m. I may have f0und it very distressing but it was, h0wever, very rewarding at the same time........she alm0st made it t0 be 95 years 0ld & was an abs0lute "DIAM0ND". I'd sit at her bedside f0r h0urs & 0ccassi0nally w0uld sing 1 0f her fav0urite s0ngs, "Eidlewiess". I l0ve & miss her s0 much. R.I.P. My w0nderful Grandma. I wasn't able to be there for my Grandad, (due to my work & the distance), sorry Grandad & R.I.P 10/5/94; I was damn sure I was g0ing t0 be there f0r Grandma.

I luv t0 dabble with digital/c0mputer graffix.....als0 have been teaching myself FRACTAL ART. My Mum iz a very talented Artist in her 0wn right, 'n' my beautiful Sister h0ldz d0wn 2 jobs, as well as singing in a band, my br0ther-in-law iz a guitarist, he "R0x" (r0ckz) t00. My Br0ther is a w0rking Gl0beTr0tter, by that I mean he w0rks 0r has w0rked in many C0untries; wh0 is also in a few bands t00. I luv them all s0 much, I als0 have 2 g0rge0us nieces 0f wh0m I abs0lutely AD0RE. I feel I'm a very f0rtunate pers0n, (big smilezzzz). I am generally happy~independent & very lucky in many ways; I get a real "buzz" if I can put a smile 0n some0nes' face 0r make pe0ple laugh, I really care ab0ut the happiness 0f 0thers & I’m a gr8 l0ver 0f animals t00, & wish that the cruelty t0wards them w0uld st0p. It disgusts me t0 think that this happens t0 b0th animals, children & many elderly f0lk, wh0 0nly want t0 be cherished~l0ved & cared f0r; it‘s n0 m0re than they deserve.

I s0metimes make Sterling Silver/beaded jewellery f0r Charities/friendz 0r any0ne wh0 asks. I als0 make cards/b00kmarks/ch0kers etc f0r Charities/frendz 0r any0ne wh0 asks.

Just here t0 have fun & listen t0 0ther talented f0lk, I'm n0t here t0 win v0tes 0r t0 compete etc, just purely here t0 "AIR MY LUNGS" whenever I can. I try t0 put my 0wn style t0 m0st 0f the s0ngs I sing & if f0lk enj0y, then that's gr8.

I ch0se my name LilD0ve because the "D0ve" is the symb0l 0f Peace & yes I am Little, (petite, 3ft 1 n t0nz 0f FUN), l0l. I feel there's s0 much nastiness etc in this w0rld & I w0uld s0 luv t0 be able t0 spread my Lil wingz & share the luv & care I have t0 E1 I meet & h0pe they may pass it 0n als0; I guess if we c0uld all d0 this, we c0uld help make the w0rld a Safer~Happy~Healthier~Caring~Fruitful~Fun place t0 be in f0r E1.

My 2 fav0urite sayingz are: "D0n't l00k d0wn at s0me0ne unless y0u are helping them get up" & "A stranger is a friend y0u've n0t yet met". Peace & Luv, Hugz & Warm Smilezzzzz E1.

Early April, 2008, a very special man (who I was h0ping t0 spend the rest 0f my life with, he was a blue~eyed, bl0nde able b0died hunk), passed away. I'm still in a state 0f sh0ck; as y0u can imagine, my w0rld is "T0psy~Turvy" t00, but I refuse t0 bring my hurt 0n~line. He was the best thing that had ever happened t0 me. T0 all wh0 came int0 his life, he'd be a L0yal~Caring~Respectful & H0nest friend, he never "judged" any0ne & t0 me he was an "Ad0nis". I am n0 beauty, 0r h0t 0r sexy, but he always called me his beautiful baby d0ll & made me feel s0 special. We met 0nline & the rest is a very l0ng st0ry. R.I.P. My Ad0nis 5/4/08. I WILL ALWAYZ LOVE & MISS Y0U S0 MUCH xXx. HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Thank y0u SingSnap als0 f0r the very "USEFUL FACILITY 0F THE BL0CK MEMBERS". I can h0nestly say that I never th0ught I'd need t0 "USE" it, if y0u ("2 percent 0f IGN0RANT, INSENSITIVE, Afterbirths with fingers"), can't type anything kind 0r enc0uraging t0 f0lk, then d0n't b0ther typing anything at all; n0t just what y0u type t0 me but what y0u type t0 0therz t00, I'VE SEEN IT! Y0U KN0W WH0 Y0U ARE~GET A LIFE!
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