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LiL_L1 has been a SingSnap member since June 24, 2010. LiL_L1 has a total of 9 public recordings that have been viewed 1,673 times and 29 achievement points.

... me just supporting sis pauline ........isnt she amazing?
.........pls, visit her on youtube and leave some love for her!!
- - dont be shy lol - - u can even say Lili aka crazybuttiredgirl sent ya hahaha - no problem....
..... but i really think, she should be more heard and get some lovely comments there ;-))
thankx... godbless ya all....

...in this LEFT player you can hear...
,,Bonnie & Clyde <--- aka ---> L & B *lol*
or simple: ...BBB & ME!
OF JULY 2011!!--BBB & me Present:
,,TIME - dirty bit,, -- :-)) ENJOY!!!!
AND............in the RIGHT PLAYER, you can hear my lil friend ROO (Ryleigh) singing a MJ song!! shes an amazing lil performer & a talented girl, and shes the 10yrs old daughter of my friends!! luv this girl!!! Mwahs ya!!

...THATs cool! _ Thank you mucho DAN!
I luv ur spontaneity!
And i luved how u putting smiles on my face too:-))
yay, this vid is just adorable n me sure knows to treasure that.


---------> and MIDDLE PLAYER:wooohooo!!!!! :))
***no comment***
YAY , u should just hear it n u will know what im talkin bout here!!!
***THNKXXX u 2 for the fun n this fkn awesome REC.!!***

THANKs so much for accepted my request and sung this!!!
I LUV THIS SISSY-u sounding great with that song+shexshy,ahihihi..mWWaahh!!!

If u like to listen to some more songs i did here on ss, pls visit my ,,old account,, !!
===> LiL_L!!
JUST CLICK HERE to visit my ,,old,, LiL_L page! TY!
-----------------There u will found lotsa more recordings of me - and even if i will continuing here, ........... i dont want delete any of those songs there -just bcos im ,,blue,, now again, - nope!... cos every single one, with all those comments, luv and wonderful moments i hav been shared with u guys there, it is a nice and lovely memory to me, i would never ever just delete!------------------thx! Lili

... this is a german friend of me in my youtube account..
i want you to listen to her song and pray with us.....
thankx... godbless ya all....

....we are all sleeping and eating on the same earth, right? .......think about it. -------And tc everyone, GODBLESS YA ALL!

...ONCE, THERE WAS A MAN... WHO HAD A SON, THAT HE LOVED very MUCH... <--------> ..IT IS TIME - TO THINKING ABOUT IT.. ----------------------(my prayers are for/with everyone of you, at the moment especially with Japan)

***weeeeeeeeeeee, and this here is just
....so so so ..., aww...!!
Pitty Sharky is so lovely, isnt he?
I guess every ,,man,, ALL around d World.... dreams bout so many
chicks everyday around him,
they deeply LUV n Adore n Please him?(LMAOO)***

***weeeeeeeeeeee, and this here is just
....so so so ... cutiepatutie that two doggies here, aww...!!

NYAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I just cant hide this funny one, u have must been seen that!!!

for you guys of course...the subs in english k?...........i hope u enjoy and ,,LmAAOo,, same like i do here, while watchin dis.. !!!
I love Mario Barth(the german comedian,is 1 of my FAVORITES,
cos he always ,,tell it how it simply is,,!!
LOL.. see yourself here, and THX FOR WATCHING...

*****PART 1 HERE:************** PART 2 HERE: ********

***2 OPM´s i did ;-)***

Artwork by MrzDiva

***A german KOOL rapper (Kool Savas) I do really like his vocals and the stuff he rap, its true stuff its pure Life - and not just blah sex fuck and chicks lol ------well this here is ONE of my fav vids + songs where ,,KOOL SAVAS,,(his rap is on min 2:45!!!btw.!!)


********He is featuring Olli(1st rapper),Moe(chorus)&Azad (Azads rap is on min 1:40 – 2:22) Azad is someone I met a few times in clubs AND BACKSTAGE, … hes cool (and have more heart then I thought before lol)


********Well –why I met him? Haha, simple:
……coz hes a friend of a DJ (Ralf) my GF+me knowz, & Ralf (the DJ) is in same company (optic records/boss music+management etc) and Ralf is with Azad on tour lol….. funny eh? – but its simple the answer – that’s why.


******** AND AT THE END OF FIRST VIDEO - you can hear a few kids, I always found this soooo cool – that they integrated those kids at end…., coz those kids was a part of an very SPECIAL project with AZAD+KOOL SAVAS!! .....IT’S THE song you can watch and hear IN THE SECOND VIDEO HERE! (all 4 one) thanks for reading my information text btw…


********IN THE SECOND VIDEO u can see Ralf (a friend+DJ) at the ,,MixingDesk,,
…..and under the video ,,ALL 4 one,, u can find a link, with the ENGLISH TRANSLATION!!!! Enjoy