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lil-leah22's real name is Leah Johnson. Leah is 29 years old, is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since December 10, 2006. She has a total of 46 public recordings that have been viewed 1,897 times.

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I am Leah; Music is my air without I would not be here today. I am 16 years old and Living in Australia. I attend a Local public school and am currently in year 10.

My School is small and is not very musical orientated, they have a sports teacher for the music teacher at the moment. They offer private instrument intuition and at the moment I am doing, Flute and Acoustic Guitar. I have learnt 5 other instruments in the years of my life, but do not carry on with them except my piano, which I teach myself.

I am not a very open singer, I love to sing and would sing 24/7 if I could, but I would never do it in front of people or in my house when people are around. I just don’t have enough guts.

When I finish school I am going to travel to the USA and do all the tourist things. I am then going to go to uni and study journalism and maybe start a career there and then when I am about 25 or so head into the police force. Yeah I guess I have my life all mapped out and it probably won’t turn out the way I want it at all.

I am a very passionate person. If I have my mind set on something I will do it and do it my way. I believe very strongly in my beliefs but I am open-minded so I will listen to other points of view, because I cannot be right about everything. Right?

I love talking to people, so please feel free to comment me email me or sign my guest book, because although I maybe a lot younger then some I can still have a mature conversation with an adult, and am quite happy too

Feel free to add my myspace.

So for now I am signing out