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lightning2u's real name is Rex Miller. Rex is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 10, 2010. He has a total of 89 public recordings that have been viewed 6,353 times and 165 achievement points.

Hi, nice to meet you! I discovered Singsnap in the fall of 2012. I was searching music terms learning to play keyboard and ran into the site quite by accident. I have public recordings that begin in 2013 to 2014 then there a gap until 2016 or so, because I am a truck driver, 18 wheels, I was over the road and had no way to record, I was watchin' and listenin' though! I have always been involved with music on some level due I grew up in a music family. My dad was a great acoustic guitar- banjo player-singer, my mom was a former nightclub singer around Oakland, Ca.. My parents and grandparents were all from Oklahoma, they had relocated to California where I was born. My grandpa told me stories about "the catfish string band" in Kellyville, Ok. He would see them growing up and as a young man. They would perform on weekends as free entertainment accepting donations. My Dad came along and as a kid went there as it was a family atmosphere, there he became interested in strings. Dad. as a boy, told about attending the "Bob Wills" radio show in Tulsa on weekends where he became acquainted with "Tiny Moore" whom became a renown Mandolin player as one of the "Texas Playboys". Due that relationship we became acquainted with Merle Haggard in the 70's when he began doing benefit concerts to aid Bob Wills medical costs while he was battling cancer. Once in '76 at the orange county fair Haggard was performing there. I was a US Marine at the time, attending the concert with a buddy, "Ben Torman" from Charlotte, West Virginia. During the intermission I had told my pal, we'll go back stage and see Merle..he chuckled and rolled his eyes..we went to the backstage security gate, I introduced myself and requested to see Mr. Haggard. Security began radio comm. and after a few minutes escorted us to an RV telling us to enter and relax, that Merle would arrive shortly. We went in and sat down at the table on couches. A few minutes later Merle entered, greeted us, opened the fridge and asked "you boys like a brew?" we agreed and he handed us each a can of Budweiser, opening one himself we sat down for a short chat. In a few minutes Merle was on his way and we returned to the concert, when the band began to resume Merle gave us special mention to the audience as friends and asked us to raise our hands for everyone to see buddy was completely amazed! I'll never forget the look on his face..Hahaha....anyway, that's some music history in my life...I play harmonica, a little keyboard, and learning guitar . I attempted to learn guitar several times in my life and felt incompetent after a couple years of practicing. I guess due that I been around such outstanding players and I know what a good player sounds like. I finally decided, I may never be an outstanding player but before I leave this life, I'm gonna play guitar! LOL.... as a young child I was raised in a small logging town in the high Sierra's called Quincy. My family moved to Sacramento where I attended middle school and high school. I was married and lived in Huntington Beach and Long Beach in So Cal, returning to Sacramento and then relocating to Oklahoma City in the summer of 2000, where I currently reside......thx for listenin' ya on the SS.