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Len63's real name is Len Edwards. Len is located in Louisiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 25, 2016. He has a total of 820 public recordings that have been viewed 28,479 times and 358 achievement points.

The Singin' Fireman
Fire Fighter by Trade
Country Boy at Heart

Here's a little about this ole Country Boy
My name is Len Edwards I am a Hillbilly Yankee from Ohio But moved down south to Louisiana back in 1979 Been here ever since

I am a retired Fire Captain . After 33 years I decided to let it go.
I'm still a Volunteer Fire Fighter in the town I live in .So I haven't gave it all up completly yet LoL.
I got my Nick Name ( The Singin' Fireman ) many years ago. From the News Paper here in the town where I worked. I used to teach Fire Safety Classes to the Kids at Schools and Day Cares
When I would go to teach at a Day Care I would bring my guitar and sing songs for the younger kids. Well it was Rodeo time an I brought my horse ( Champ ) to the First Baptist Day Care and gave the younger kids a ride on my horse. It was pretty cool !! They all dressed up as Cowboys and Cowgirls and took their turn riding on Champ
The News Paper was there taking pictures an wrote a little article in the paper about it.
The newspaper lady asked the mother of the child who was riding on Champ at the time What my name was.
The mother said to the reporter we call him ( the Singin' Fireman )
A few days later it came out in the News Paper with pictures of me and my horse Champ giving rides to the kids The caption read
The Singin' Fireman and his horse Champ So thats how I am known to be as the Singin' Fireman

I am also an EMT and I still teach CPR/First Aid Classes as well as First Responder Class and EMT Refresher class.
I have a little singing group we're called ( The SunShine Boys ) We go to different Nurshing Homes in and around the area and sing for the residents there. to try and bring a smile to their faces ( Nursing Homes are SAD SAD Places
We also sing in Churches and at Benifits where ever we are asked to go

I want to think all of my Friends here on Singsnap for excepting me here and for listening to my songs