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Leeanndrahh_x3's real name is LEANDRA JOHANSEN :). LEANDRA is 24 years old, is located in Aruba and has been a SingSnap member since June 4, 2008. She has a total of 18 public recordings that have been viewed 972 times.

Andraa Chloee !

My real name is LeAndra, I love my little sister shania , even though ocassionally i want her dead . I have myself some damn amazing bestfriends : jade , bee , missy , sara , abi , nikki , juliaa , catie , anna , brandon & conner , they are basically all that matters (: I love random things that im obsessed with . example : peace signs , bright colors , PINK . disney movies ! & dancing ! (; im always too hyper and like doing cartwheels at baseball games, & sommersalting 007 as a pussycat into jade & catie's porno films (: [ those are my fav ] me, nikki, & julia are pretty awesome, we turn guys on even at the end i say random things in class & my teachers all hate mee. especially miss towle hates me katee nikki anna & julia (: she often thinks jules & me are drunk cause we fall alot (: i dance like there is no tomorrow. I'm a winter cheerleader with bee, nikki, katee & julia, and ofcourse other girls :] i love buddha & the idea of peace & respecting nature i just wish other people could, so yes buddha will smite you. i set things on fire alot, & brandons stepdad makes fun of me because of my not-so-great-lighter skills (: i almost caught my camper on fire . i swear it was a accident(: im in love with buffy the vampire slayer, charmed, twilightseries , pirates of the carribean, ROBERT PATTISON + james marsters i've made mistakes dont think im a barbie. i dont like fighting with people really . i have a terrible temper, but i swear i'll cool down . i sing in the shower, rainbows are amazing and skipping in the rain is fun. i love swimming in the ocean and catching jellyfish I LIKE TO CATCH THINGS ON FIRE , like my friends (; hehe . i cheat on my boyfriend aLOT . with abi and jade . we like to sleep in the same bed , with jade's boyfrand , or ex now . we are very open people abi will never forget being in the camper with us ha ! abi im sorry love you have to go to jesus school(: BRANDON IS A TEASE . the only people on this planet that i actually hate are : Alexander giovanni pedroza . he makes my blood boil when i here his name . i dont think hate ts a big enough word for itt . AIM ? hippii chicki xo <---- go aheadd , chat it uhhpp . myspace ? myspace.com/shugar_loves_lp <--- add itt . i love to meet new people so just tell me who you are . i have a lot of family on heree ; & they are all amazing singers like mee HA! . I wanna put in something special reall quickk ; to my amazing boyfriend Brandon Michael Johansen . you are my life, my bestfriend, my world . i do not know what i would do without you .