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Lau256 is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since February 13, 2007. She has a total of 3 public recordings that have been viewed 118 times and 24 achievement points.

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Much love to my friends...

Friends are Angels

Friends are Angels in disguise

See the world through Fathers eyes

A monument to eternal love

A precious gift from heaven above

The Father knows each hair on our head

Each word and deed before done or said

He knows each person we will ever meet

every chance encounter on the street

Each of our days before they ever came to be

chose each of our friends just for us you see

each one has a purpose, a value and will bring

something to treasure

a gift from the King

If God is at the centre

truly we will be

Friends forever you and me

(C) Mine..

My Child

I have heard your cries and your laughter.. and have cried and laughed with you

I have felt your pain and your joy.. and share it as if it is my own

I am with you.. beside you

I am in front and behind you..

I go ahead of you to prepare and smooth your way

I stand in front of you to protect you

I go behind you to support and encourage you..

I am the still small voice which guides and warns you

I am the one who puts you first and seeks to bless you

I am there in the family and friends who love and care for you

I am there in the stranger who needed a smile and an encouraging word today

I am there at sunrise and sunset and all the time in between

All the dreams you dream.. everything you have and ever will be were given to you by me..

I ask nothing in return, my precious one.. my child.. except your love for me
(c) Mine

Much love and Sunshine

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