LaetimelieLEVEL 41


Laetimelie is located in France and has been a SingSnap member since January 31, 2013. She has a total of 69 public recordings that have been viewed 14,239 times and 221 achievement points.

Love and Humility could only change this world and save us from cupidity and selfishness ... to bring us to our own freedom of being and living regardless what the others might think or discredit us ...
Think for yourself, love and share

SPRING TIME !!!!!!!! yessss

First Trophy thanks to karen I greatly suggest you to visit her profil she's done sooo many things I wonder how many lives she's had so far

Some of my favourites

Man in the mirror

I love Paris

All that jazz


Tu es mon autre

Killing me softly

Bette Davis eyes


Against all odds

True colors

Hope you will enjoy my choices, thank you for listening and stopping by on my page !!!