LadyLexxLEVEL 4


LadyLexx is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since January 21, 2007. She has a total of 122 public recordings that have been viewed 16,492 times and 19 achievement points.

I joined this site really early on in Jan 2007, and really loved it. I won a Gold membership in a Contest and kept it until 24th September 2010 when I had 640 recordings - so due to the restrictions on Blue I had to delete down to under 100 (with space so I could record new ones if I wanted). Very difficult to do.

I discovered a new outlet to karaoke by singing one song over the backing tune of another (called mashups) and recorded over 100 songs in this manner, but then Singsnap banned them and I had to remove all of them from the site. It was heartbreaking.

2011 I then had a problem with my throat which has damaged my vocal chords slightly, so I cant sing as well as I used to - not the high notes anyway, and a new computer meant I couldnt record on Singsnap anymore, because nothing would synch up.

2014. New computer. thought I'd try again. I can't hear my microphone, and it has to mix the backing track in, but it works. Hurray. Like Arnold, I am BACK!

Have now discovered....VIDEO

Here are some of my videos