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LadyFairiedust's real name is Helen Turney. Helen is 68 years old, is located in Michigan / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 14, 2007. She has a total of 96 public recordings that have been viewed 1,036 times and 14 achievement points.

Hi, I am glad that you stopped into my Realm!
As my name "LadyFairydust" tells most what I love.
I feel the need to elaborate a wee bit.

I am 62 years old.
I am married to my soul mate and my best friend.
We have two children a son who is married
and has given us two of the most beautiful
grandchildren ever born ( of course we are a little bias) lol..
Our daughter is 20 she lives in South Carolina.
She is tryin to find herself.

I am disabled with Mixed Connective Tissue Diseases.
But they don't have me I have them.
I have a support group for those diagnosised with these
many diseases! example: RA,LUPUS,FIBO and
the list goes on because this diagnosis includes
some 80 different diseases in this group.

In 2000 I made a support group that was called
It was open for many years, and had seen a lot of death
of beloved friends. So I closed it in 2010.
It served the purpose was to not only exchanges in our
lifes but also bring a smile to put them in a place that
got them to focus on the fantasy world of "The Wee Ones!
I designed many fairies and the group adopted them.
From that we would move into a place to have fun and
laugh out loud at the antics of our fairies.
Of course that meant we had to pretend and make some
very funny, and colorful stories.

Now that brings me to the story of my personal assistant.
Maizy Mildew.
Now before we go any further I must warn you to please
be kind with your assessment of her. She's cranky and
demands that all business go through her ..SHE will
deliver the messages. I am almost sure that she is
my altar ego! And of course there are consequences if your ugly!!
She can travel quickly and send a message through the Fairy Grapevine
for help to deliver the dreaded...
So with out further ado... I introduce Maizy Mildew!
Please remember be nice!!

Thank you M'Lady I will take it from here.
Greetings humans, Maizy Mildew here.
I am the only way to get a message to M'Lady.
I will make this quick and painless..
I have a life you know, as you can see I have a date with the
Beach, so listen up!!
M'Lady has so much to do, she not only keeps the Forrest
Realm up and running. She also manages a sister site
called Home_Made Intervals this is a support group
that is for those who are separated from their families
by no fault of their own.

She builds web graphics and web sites for
several people, NO she does not charge for them.
She says that would make her feel like she was working a job..
Remember !! Disabled.
She likes doing things in her time.

She enjoys live as much as the lord sees fit to let her and
for that we are all eternally grateful..

Oh for love of Pete!! I am late..
Until me meet again, this is Maizy Mildew signing off!

Hello, Sha-Sha Galore here.
Please come back soon, we love humans they are fun to
play with.
Tah-Tah for now dawlings..