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knottygirls' real name is Tina and Tara Bursdzius. Tina and Tara is 52 years old, is located in British Columbia / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 23, 2015. She has a total of 20 public recordings that have been viewed 1,213 times and 323 achievement points.

Hi everyone. Our names are Tina and Tara. We're a couple of fun-loving, out-going, humorous sisters (twins, so double the trouble, ha ha) from Vancouver Island, Canada who CAN'T sing worth a bean but who still love to "shout it out" when the mood strikes. Yep, when we feel up to it out come our microphones (aka: shampoo bottles and brushes, lol) and away we go and have ourselves a blast. We may not be able to hold a note but with music it's good times all around anyway so keep on singing we will.

We warn you, though, before giving us a listen we suggest you seek out the nearest exit or proceed with caution. After all, safety comes first, right?! HA HA


To begin, we call ourselves the 'Knotty Girls' as we both do macrame as a home business (plant hangers, jewelry, wall art, etc.). No, we do not live together. However, since we discovered SingSnap, we might as well (as I can't get Tara to leave my house now - lol).

TINA - I am the mother of 3 boys (23 year old twins and a 22 year old). I come to SingSnap to get away from my 'personal' problems and I find that it is the one place that I can actually do so. Truthfully, my life isn't easy and I am going through ALOT of personal problems right now, especially with my youngest son (who I haven't seen nor heard from in a month) as he is addicted to drugs, crime and the streets (he is living on the streets). I am not allowed contact with my son (as I have a restraining order against him). My son is not allowed contact with most of my family members as his 'addiction' has pretty much destroyed all the lives he has come into contact with. I do not know where my son is and it pretty much kills me each and every waking moment. I have tried to do everything possible to help him, but he has fallen down so hard that no one (but himself) can help him any longer. Most of my sons' friends have already passed away (due to their addictions) and I am so scared of the day that I might receive that same news. So, I come by SingSnap to try to 'forget' about life and try to have at least a couple of hours of fun and laughs.

I have been off work for two years now due to medical reasons (I worked as a receptionist at the same real estate office for almost 15 years) and I loved my job until the day I was no longer able to work. Now, my sister and I both do macrame to supplement our incomes. We have made some amazing projects!!!

I am also a HUGE animal lover and currently have 2 black cats that are sisters (Sambuca and Sangria). Over the years, I have had birds, fish, turtles, hedgehogs, ferrets, cats, gerbils, mice, hamsters and so on.....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE animals (including snakes and rats, etc). Spiders are my biggest fear and I hate all of them. If you want to see me scream, just show me a spider (and I'll show you my 'SCREAM').

TARA - Mother of 2 wonderful daughters (24 and 20) and a cat named Cairo. We call Cairo the 'killer' cat, because anytime you go near him, you end up with at least one scratch or bite mark. Cairo is a friendly cat, but he likes to play a little too rough - lol.

I am also a HUGE animal lover and possibly even more scared of spiders than Tina (is that 'even' possible?? ).

I love to read books (especially John Saul) and love music (all kinds). I am recently divorced and now I am starting to 'live' again (thanking SingSnap for giving me some of that opportunity).


Addicted to candy (we can pile it back, lol), the Bay City Rollers (go ahead, have your laughs....we love our boys in plaid!) and Motley Crue.

We also laugh at basically everything and are known for getting a party started. A little sense of humor can go a long way.

So come have fun with the Knotty Girls!!!