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Ughh I am trying to save a song but it keeps logging me out

KLFtunes' real name is Kelly Fryman. Kelly is 58 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 2, 2014. She has a total of 2,060 public recordings that have been viewed 111,274 times and 530 achievement points.

I started singing on singsnap after I turned 50 I never thought I was any good but suddenly I decided that in order to be good you have to try and practice and I love it I wish I had more time to devote to singing and being on this site more but I am also a full time worker in a Hotel and I babysit my young granddaughter that is five and my grandson that is 2 so I don't get a lot of time to be on the website I do try to make rounds listening when I can but I wish I could be here more. Thanks for Listening to any of my songs I appreciate it and I do try to make a visit to the ones that visit me as time permits I am just having fun Life is short and why waste it on being sad, hateful, spiteful, depressed, there is always a positive to everything in life just look for it Thank you my listeners even if you don’t comment I appreciate you for listening I recently opened up my own craft store so I have been busy getting my business up and running as well I also post my songs on Facebook join me on Facebook Klf Tunes