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kjcarolina is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 23, 2019. She has a total of 11 public recordings that have been viewed 264 times and 162 achievement points.

Hello, my name is Kris i live in NC. I was born in Denmark, came here at age 8, my dad was offered a job at FSU in Tallahassee, Florida in Physics Dept, he had worked in Physics in Denmark. I lost my other account been here since 2009, lost my songs, pretty pictures for those songs, will do over & darn lost my ppl here & comments, will be slow getting all this together again. I go to karaoke 16+ yrs. I am a photographer of historic places, events, WW II & CW reenactments. I love the mtns, my original destination plan was Kentucky, but settled here in NC, I moved from Florida yrs ago, during the winters i wonder why now cause it's so darn cold here lol. I have 3 black cats all rescues. I had a motorcycle wreck in 2006 a 87 yr old man ran stop sign ran into me, caused broke back, 4 back surgeries. Still can't make sense why this happened. I live day to day, there are moments when I am totally happy then because of pain just try to get thru the day. I had thyroid surgery & benign tumor taken out 10 yrs ago, because of this my throat has been hoarse, I really think Dr knicked my vocal cords. Photography has helped me focus, so I try to stay busy either taking pictures or editing them & then re-editing many yrs , but I do love to sing & try to find those songs I like best for my voice, which can go either high or low . I do have a twisty dark sense of humor which some ppl just don't get but after awhile they catch on. I was an alto in HS chorus, but would sneak over in the soprano section cause I loved their singing the best.