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Kenny1956's real name is Ken M.. Ken is located in Ireland and has been a SingSnap member since May 30, 2008. He has only made one recording and 228 achievement points.

I received one day of vocal training in 6th grade and was promptly kicked out!!!

There are over 6 Billion people in this world, we are not all in studios, some have twins and still more three even four look alike. some even sound alike.

Then there are those who have fancy equipment and mixers and $3,000 dollar Microphones and headsets and keyboards and so on and let you know it.
As all the accolades and applause comes in, they bow and curtsy and even tell you how good they are.
Some have gone as far as to say : I don't want to sound like everyone else, I want to sound like me or it's not worth singing.

I say, go professional, get off this site, they only chat here and very rarely sound like You!

You professionals who boast and downgrade us amateurs, should go where a real challenge of you're so called skill and talent and style fits you're needs.
You know why they come here, they are not good enough to be on television, in a studio, or doing a concert, they spend all day admiring their airbrushed photographs which they post here, along with their over the top vocals*

I'm sure I will be chastised for telling the truth about these idiots who come here to deflate our personalities and inflate their ego's while killing the day.
You know, Music is suppose to be fun, it helps to release the tension and get out the aggression we felt during the road rage in traffic on our way to hell at work!

I close in saying: " I hope You choke on You're vocals"