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Karaoke_Radio_Edit's real name is Audio Mechanic. Audio is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 26, 2007. He has a total of 10 public recordings that have been viewed 1,626 times and 23 achievement points.


UPDATED: 06-11-2016

Karaoke is from the heart and not the vocal cords...I like to think that my work lets people hear "hearts".


My ID on here is Karaoke_Radio_Edit. I am neither employed by nor do I have any affiliation/connection/ties whatsoever with Sing/Snap ( I'm simply a karaoke fan as well as performer, such as you.

Please consider the following:

Many karaoke performers record their songs either flat (with no vocal enhancements) or decide to add either echo or reverb in an effort to enhance their vocal talents. Either typically produces an effect/recording that does not truly deliver the singer's intention, to make them sound better or to sound more professional. Sad to say that often a "tinny" echo effect is achieved, at best.

In instances where reverb or echo has been utilized, typically no professional enhancement can be made to improve their rendition; however in instances where a singer records themselves flat, a wonderful thing is available. Their recording can be made to sound much, much more professional. There is no recording artist/group, that does not have their song's recorded and or edited/mixed in a manner so as to enhance their voice or deliver a much more powerful performance.

Mixer boards and audio enhancing hardware/software comprises quite a bit of the space in recording studios. Software has caught up with and in many cases surpasses what can be accomplished, in the realm of enhancing a singer's recorded voice. It is my intent to listen to singers, locate those that have recorded themselves flat, perform some very basic adjustments to their recording and ultimately deliver a much better sounding recording. These will show up in the form of a duet with “Karaoke_Radio_Edit”.

I do not make someone sound better. I simply attempt to have their recording sound more professional and thereby, sound more pleasant to the ear. As far as the enhancing process itself, it's more of a matter of being able to use the software/hardware effectively, rather than just having it, as even the minutest improper adjustment(s) produce the "typical" sound heard in many karaoke performances. Most people would feel they have wasted their money, by spending to enhance, on their own. Bottom line is that it's a bit tricky. The software and hardware necessary to produce the result you hear on this recording collectively runs just under one thousand dollars, retail. I'm not here to sell hardware, software or anything else for that matter.

There are services on the net that will gladly enhance individual recordings for a small fee (typically $75.00). Should you desire, my fee is $25.00 and is a very fair price, considering all the time spent to produce and deliver such amazing results.
Feel free to contact me directly:

I'm here to have people enjoy their karaoke a bit more. Spread the word, let them compare your recording to the edited version and let others know that recordings can be enhanced and that many karaoke performers utilize various, readily available tools/methods to deliver their renditions as professionally as possible.

Should I re-record you and perform what I term a "Karaoke Radio Edit", please do not be offended as there is no intention on my part to embarrass or belittle anyone. I merely wish for you to experience what I know is there, when I hear your recording and to show you what is possible.

Should you wish your Radio Edit deleted for any reason, please do let me know and it shall be.

Audio Mechanic

PS... Remember, Karaoke is from the heart and not the vocal cords...I like to think that my work lets people hear "hearts".