junebaby57's real name is JoAnn T. JoAnn is 62 years old, is located in Oregon / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 10, 2013. She has a total of 1,252 public recordings that have been viewed 42,477 times.

When all the good in this world seems to fade
You feel left in darkness, lost and betrayed
Remember, inside a light truly shines
and if yours has dimmed, I'll gladly share mine.

By JTeem2017
Let the music play...

Want to hear some original music?


Sometimes In The Night, written by JoAnn Teem, recorded by Bernadette Tassone.

Crystal Ball, written by Dave Northedge, recorded by JoAnn Teem

'Get A Little Closer', written by JoAnn Teem, recorded by Bernadette Tassone, and Doug Magpiong. (same song 2 different artists and styles) Publishing owned by Ronnie Michael Tomich.Bernadette's country version.
Doug's jazz version

Lately I've been composing some short pieces. I have some old ones from the 90's on my you tube channel, but I've also been adding new ones. I really enjoy playing the piano, and adding the strings, all the sounds. These creations are often spontaneous and built one frame at a time. It's the process I love the most. Anyway... if you make it over for a listen, thank you! Please leave a comment.

My newest creations.


Sweet Melody

Simple Composition

I LOVE to listen just as much as I love to sing. I learn new songs and even the ones I've always known are now shown to me in different ways.

Love to duet... and will often jump in with some harmony, and you are free to do the same with any of the songs I have put up as well.

If happiness were a disease... I would spread it like wild fire!!

I'm not a front runner
although I've tried.
The hoop was too small
for my voluptuous size.
Jumping through hoops
was never my thing,
when all I really wanted
to do was sing...
So here I am,
rejected but not spent,
to sing with you all
to my hearts content.
It's not always about the song
or about the style.
It's not even about that sour note
we all hit once in a while.
It's about finding that place
where we can all simply 'be'
the artist within each of us
accepted and free.