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Julie_Davis' real name is Julie Davis. Julie is 53 years old, is located in Alabama / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 22, 2013. She has a total of 3,820 public recordings that have been viewed 163,013 times.


Been awhile since I updated stuff here, so let's see if I can fix that.

I'm about to be an "empty-nester" - my daughter is a freshman in college here in our town, and is "in love" for the first time... I'm thinking she'll be getting a ring between now & her birthday in March. I told her getting the ring is fine, but she needs to plan on a LONG engagement because she's gotta finish college before she moves on to the next phase of her life. (I'm pretty sure she's going to do whatever she wants to do tho.) LOL

I've got some health issues going on right now, and I don't sing nearly as much as I used to because of them. I have days that I feel pretty okay, and other days I feel like I've been beat up with a big stick. I have "Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis" - caused by diabetes, they tell me. I'm working hard to get it under control by treating it "nutritionally". I'm not one for drugs, so I'm hoping by eating right and behaving, it'll at least improve enough for me to feel human the majority of the time. This is what's known as an "invisible disease" - because when I have an okay day and put on makeup, I don't "look" like there's anything wrong. Also, I have arthritis in my spine that makes sitting up in a straight chair for extended periods kind of painful, so.... I sing in "small doses" now so I don't have to sit for long.

Hmm.... other than that... still single and living in my little hometown in Alabama. I think I need a cat. LOL

Anyway.... love & light to you all!

Happy 2019!!