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Jovial_George is 85 years old, is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since October 25, 2012. He has a total of 562 public recordings that have been viewed 27,037 times and 286 achievement points.

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In my teens - so very long ago, I regularly attended a very popular dance hall where well-known singers performed, singing with the large resident dance band and rotating on a weekly basis. At that point in time I had little interest in listening to the singers or even the music. When I turned twenty years of age I suddenly found myself as the lead singer in a 5 piece semi-rock group. From that early period up until now I have sang with other bands, working also in dimly-lit romantic night spots, solo guest artist on the Sydney circuit, ten years singing 'every Saturday night' with just a 'dance-playing-organist' and myself, playing and singing Old-Time and New Vogue 'specialty-dance-step' music, working also as a 'One-man band' - programming my own backing music on cassette and working a full four hours at various venues singing with the songs that I had playing through a cassette tape deck. Somewhere in-between, I also participated in a Sydney television talent program called, Terry Dear's Amateur Hour, plus many hotel and club talent shows that were also held regularly, winning some and losing some. Out of eight contestants I won my heat by singing an Engelbert Humperdink classic, before the show was axed. There was a period where I lived only on the money I could earn from Sydney hotel and club talent quests. I remember being down to my last few coins and then taking out 1st place which saw me winning a 10 pound contest (pounds shillings and pence then being the currency). Halleluja, at that time I thought I had won the lottery, LOL. Once again I survived. I had money to buy an Aussie meat pie, LOL. The Platters big hit at that time was 'Smoke gets in your eyes'. It won many talent contests for me. I also sang for 3 years or more at the huge 'Parklea Market' indoor market, simply singing 'all day' and selling the cassette albums that I had made in a professional studio. Summer and winter I slept in my Ford Econovan as it was a long drive from where I lived. This created me - after more than 3 years of 'roughing-it' to eventually suffer with exhaustion of which I then had to retire. Music has been a huge part of my life. I now release my musical frustrations by being a member of this wonderful company called SingSnap. Over the years the world has changed dramatically. With the introduction of the Internet and Facebook, a so-called nobody can become an overnight success. Susan (Boyle) in her 40's, has proven this is possible. The fact that SingSnap does allow recordings to be posted on to Facebook gives SingSnap members an opportunity to BE SOMEBODY....if this is your desire. Simply record a very appealing song - as perfect as you can make it, complete with an appealing colourful video, and I could well be 'very soon' asking for your autograph.......Jovial George