JohnCP's real name is John P. John is 61 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 18, 2016. He has a total of 637 public recordings that have been viewed 24,141 times and 739 achievement points.

A karaoke buddy convinced me that I should check out this place called "SingSnap" on the internet, and I thought - "Oh great, another place to sing karaoke." I didn't understand the implication of doing karaoke at a place that recorded your efforts. I've been to some of the other sites that sell you access to karaoke music, but offered little else. I signed up in June of 2016, but didn't really check the site out until mid-August 2016 and Wow! I immediately understood the value of this place to me and became a gold member!!!

I love that I can sing Karaoke, and I love that this place keeps an audio recording of what I sing, but what I really love about this place is, it gives an ORGANIZED way of listening to what OTHER PEOPLE are doing with music!!! I think of it as a "Music science lab". I can listen to others express themselves musically and learn from that. I am exposed to, and desire to sing songs I would have never cared to learn/sing otherwise, and I LOVE open duets! What a great way to find someone you like to sing with and have the opportunity to do that!

I am trying to build up a library of open duets for people to sing with. I don't know how others feel about this, but I think of these open duets as wonderful toys to play with. I want to sing with lots of other people because each combination is something beautiful and unique - real works of art! I invite you to come to my library, see if you can find one of my open duets that suits you and record away!!! I don't care whether our singing abilities match or not. Open duets are just that - OPEN. COME AND PLAY!!!

OK, I might have been bitten by the contest bug...