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John-Cheech-Garcia's real name is Cheech Garcia. Cheech is located in Arizona / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 18, 2011. He has a total of 89 public recordings that have been viewed 1,310 times and 184 achievement points.

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currently I drive for Hobby Lobby....I drive from Yuma AZ to Phoenix AZ on Monday mornings to start my work week and you might find me singing a song or two from my I-phone....and I want you all to know that I do practice safe driving while I am singing and takes me three hours to drive to phoenix and if I am lucky...I have enough time to get one song done....that is because I am constantly stopping my singing due to other cars on the road and when I need to read the words and I cant pass other cars at that same short...yes...I play the safety rule......

then when I drive my big truck for Hobby Lobby.......I drive from Phoenix AZ to Oklahoma City....then it's on to Laurel MD where I deliver and then turn around and head back to Oklahoma City and then on to Phoenix to finish off my week. It's really nice to have weekends off.

On friday afternoons I take the three hour trip back to my home in Yuma....and I try to sing another song......singing on SS keeps me more alert and makes the time go by faster.......I thank all of you who care about my safety....and the safety of others on the road.....I feel the love.

I love all kinds of music. I love to sing and to hear all my SS family sing..and if you are a friend.....then just consider yourself part of my family......hearing you all sing.....well that is my enjoyment . I have met so many new friends....AKA FAMILY here at sing snap and they all make me feel loved.......sigh. I go by either John or Cheech....I wanted to not be confused with all those other John's out there and when I sing certain ROCK songs I sound like Cheech from cheech and chong. Thank you all once again for the love and support that you all give me. I need all the help I can get ...... BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



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