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Jim-Jimi's real name is Jim-Jimi Vain. Jim-Jimi is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 7, 2008. He has a total of 3,412 public recordings that have been viewed 306,306 times and 322 achievement points.

Happy New Year 2020!! Thanks For Stopping By!! Been here since 2008 and I Reached 3200 Songs on Here! Thank You So Much For Playing Them! I Cant Believe It!! Took Me 12 years but I've enjoyed every Minute being here on SingSnap! Thank you so MUCH for All the Songs You Have Played!!!!! I know 3000 Songs isn't a record by a Long Shot but Im still pretty Happy About It. 3000 Songs Can You Imagine? It Must take an entire Server to store all these tunes ....Makes me Happy!! I have a suggestion tho.... If you want to..Why not Play a song and leave a comment! I HOPE YOU Have a Great Day Today!! Smile Laugh Visit with Friends, Eat a Pizza ,Drink a Beer Have some Healthfood whatever you love to do!! Enjoy Your Day!!!!!! !! MY NEWEST SONG IS DEDICATED SPECIALLY TO YOU!! I KNOW 3000 SONGS....THAT'S A LOT TO CHOOSE FROM... AT AN AVG OF 3 MINUTES EACH IT WOULD TAKE YOU 6000 MINUTES OR 100 HOURS TO LISTEN TO ALL OF THEM!! HMM THATS 4 SOLID DAYS OF NON STOP JIM JIMI!! I THINK ITS PROBABLY BETTER TO PLAY A COUPLE A DAY BUT SUIT YOURSELF!!
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Thank you To All My Friends and Fans For Stopping By! Hope You Are Having an Awesome Day! I add new songs Monday-Friday! Check some of them out if you like. I try to give the songs a new spin. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. LOL!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PLAYS MY SONGS! I SURE DO APPRECIATE YOU!!! THANKS FOR MAKING IT MORE FUN!! I hope ya dont mind when I get a little bit silly on here from time to time! Singing songs meant for laughs or just a bit off Oh well Cant claim to be 100 percent perfect! Have Fun and Give Sing Snap a Try!!" All The Best! ~~ Jim Jimi
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Hey Everybody!! Thanks for Stopping By I really love it when you leave a comment!! I will always leave one too! *****JUST FOR FUN WHY NOT CHECK OUT ONE OF MY PLAYLISTS Jim Jimi type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" allowNetworking="all" allowFullScreen="true" height="370" width="500" data="http://ksolo.myspace.com/MyRecordingsList.do?uid=1854302&globalDomain=ks style>body{background-image:url(http://images86.imikimi.com/image/images2_full/zp4W-1zZ.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat;}olo.myspace.com&lang=en">
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