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Jerry_Douglas_Jr's real name is Scott Wheeler. Scott is 53 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 26, 2011. He has a total of 921 public recordings that have been viewed 40,236 times and 315 achievement points.

I am starting with a new page on my Profile Page, I have so much to be thankful for in this life and I would like to start by saying thank you to My LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, for without HIM, how lost not only eternally but in this time world I would be, He does for me what I could not do for myself, I ran for most of my life doing things "My Way" I realized I was playing God, trying to tell God almighty how I thought things should be, when things didn't pan out the way I wanted I became resentful, at HIM at the people who loved me most, I ran to the bottle of whiskey and vodka, and used illegal drugs, the crack, meth, marijuana, I o.d. on that stuff more than once, all that stuff the devil says is good and even heavenly, "WRONG", it's from the devil himself and it'll take everything you have thats good in your life and take it all away, love, peace, joy, in the Holy Spirit, family, friends, it'll take your roof over your head, the clothes off your back, the food off your table, yes that's my experience with alcohol and drugs, I tell you this cause it took Jesus Christ reaching down into the pit of hell where I was at on Earth, but because HE loved me even me, reached down when all I could do was look up, I had hit bottom as far as I could go without dying, but HE loved me unconditionally, and by HIS grace I am free and HE deserves all the praise for the rest of my life and each breath I take is a gift from HIM, who died on the cross and rose out of hell for you and me after the 3rd day, AMEN!
Musically, I started playing guitar at the age of 10, I grew up playing and learning from 2 of my Uncles, Uncle Gene and Uncle Jim, me and 2 of my cousins named Chuck and Martin started playing guitars early and whenever we would see each other we would jam, they taught me so much and really turned me onto James Taylor, Jim Croce, John Denver, America, and later some country and bluegrass, I also have learned to play the dobro or resonator guitar, Jerry Douglas is my name sake here on singsnap, He is the best dobro player in the world, LOL, music has really been in my blood and I've had some wonderful and exciting times playing in bands in churches, fair's even at bluegrass festivals, also jam sessions, I was in a Bluegrass/Gospel Band called Blue River with my Uncle Gene, cousins Chuck, Martin, and myself and one non relative Ray R. on guitar, we recorded 3 c.d.'s of bluegrass/gospel music and we had 4 part harmony singing, my favorite band I ever played with. Now I play bass guitar at church in the Praise Band, so thankful I can still do that and I love the church and the people in the Praise Band. I have also been blessed to write songs and I've sang some at church, and the Praise Band sang and played one recently.
Now I've been here on singsnap since May 2011, I've already mounted up over 4,000 recordings, the reason for that many is I have a lot of time on my hands cause I'm disabled. I have a calling to tell people that I get to know on here about what the Lord has done for me all by HIS grace and power to get me clean and sober.

James made this video of us singing and playing "Desperado"