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Jennyk6's real name is Jennifer White. Jennifer is 48 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 8, 2012. She has a total of 495 public recordings that have been viewed 21,650 times and 428 achievement points.

Thanks Everyone!

I was born in Long Beach California raised in Hyrum Utah i now reside in OKC with my hubby of 30 years, 6 kids AND 3 GRANDKIDS .But my favorite place is Ventura Beach California!It is beautiful there all year round! I started singing in church as a child and my love of singing grew through elementary,junior high and high school choir My husband and I enjoy going to concerts. Stevie Nicks sang to me when I was 9 months pregnant,. I now enjoy singing in contests and singing on sing snap and I hope you enjoy my song choices. Thank you for this opportunity to share my talent with you!! these are some of the fun things i have done here on ss