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JayBeePlayer is located in Arkansas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 18, 2008. She has a total of 92 public recordings that have been viewed 13,243 times.

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Mother of three, grandmother to nine and I'm a wannabee singer. What else is there to say?
Well, there is a bit more to say perhaps. I suffer chronic depression from lack of production of dopamine and norepinephren in my brain. I have a device called a vagus nerve stimulator imbeded in my chest and attached by a wire to the vagus nerve behind my left ear. The device generates an electrical impulse every 5 min and lasts for 32 seconds stimulating the vagus nerve to hopefully jump start my brain to create the missing chemicals. The current going by my larynx takes my voice away for each cycle so I must time my songs pretty carefully to preserve my voice, but sometimes I get caught and lose my voice during a recording.I have started using my magnet to turn the darn thing off when I sing and that is helping. Singing has been very good for me, even if it is not always very good singing. I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement from my SingSnap and SOS friends. Oh, My Dr has turned the darn thing off for the time being. So I dont get zapped currently. Cant see that my singing has been improved any but that is okay. I keep trying. at least It doesnt hurt me now. Judy.

Keep singing, it is so very good for the soul. Hugs, Judy