JasonLEVEL 48


Jason is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since September 7, 2006. He has a total of 95 public recordings that have been viewed 155,485 times and 272 achievement points.

It's my sincerest pleasure to welcome you to SingSnap. My name is Jason, and I'm the CTO. My ultimate goal at SingSnap is to build a brand and community that is loved and loves back.

I believe when you sing, you reveal a part of yourself that may be otherwise hidden. I'm happy to give the world a place to reveal themselves in a safe and fun way.

Musically, learned to play piano at an early age, but prefer to play by ear rather than reading sheet music. I listen to all sorts of music, but rock, early classical and easy techno / pop are my favorites.

Here are a few selections of my recordings on SingSnap. Check out more if you want!

This is the Chorus 2011 I compiled with over 600 people!

A little duet action video!

I loved this song by Nirvana from their unplugged Album.

Some hardcore right here.

A little more about myself. I live in Ottawa, Canada and am happily married since 2006. Outside of SingSnap, I have an active life involving sports, like volleyball and squash, and tinkering with just about anything electronic or mechanical. I have a love of fast cars and built a turbo BMW from the ground up in my garage. The picture above is that car, shot in the parking garage at work, actually! I love cats. I'm also a science buff and listen to loads of podcasts. CBCs Quirks and Quarks is my favorite.

Here's a compilation of my friends and I horsing around at the local dragstrip. I'm in the silver BMW, my friends have the blue Subaru and black Cobra.

This is a video I shot and edited of the 2010 Lanark Highlands Rally. Awesome slow motion stuff.

The purple glow outside is actually from a lightening strike that happening during the exposure.. Sick.