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JasmineStar is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 20, 2010. She has a total of 87 public recordings that have been viewed 4,939 times and 80 achievement points.

Coming from a family of singers, I was born and raised in music, singing, it was all around me, with every step, there was a song, a hum, a whistle, a tune in my heart. At the very tender age of five, I fell in love with Elvis, yes the King even had an effect on me at the age of five. His songs were the ones that inspired me, I would sing along, play it again, sing it, until I could sing it note for note, and word for word. Memory is one of the key factors to singing. Words and lyrics are the 3D for me, where as musicians have an ear for instruments, I have one for lyrics. Being a poet, or shall I say, poetess, there have been many poems, songs, stories I have written, they are all over the internet, published.
Around the age of 12, it was then I knew, how much I loved to sing, and write songs. My first talent show was in the 5th grade, doing , yes , you guessed it, Elvis. Once in a lifetime you are given the great chance to witness a few who come into this world to inspire us, they change the world through music. Elvis was one, Michael Jackson another. They had this magic, this wonder, awe, they knew how to connect to the ones listening, to pull the heart strings, to inspire you to reach for your dreams.
Singing to me, is giving a gift, each time you sing, to reach out to someones' heart, understand them, feel what they are going through, you can sing every key, note, etc. But if there is no heart, behind it, no magic, no feeling or emotion, it then becomes only words.
My passion is what I want you to feel, the very depths of my heart and soul. To me all music is a work of art, beautiful words, combined with a beautiful voice, and great musicians, you have a masterpiece.
My wish for you is for you to be touched, and to feel loved, a connection with me as I sing, as if I am singing it solely for you. Singing should be fun, and make you happy, it is a comfort to many, and many memories are associated with songs, time periods, etc. Music calms the human soul, if you think back, in every moment of your life, there is a song attached to it.
So glad you stopped by to read this, or to listen to me, I appreciate all the encouragement, support, and comments. Nice to have friends, and you can never have too many!
Much love,Mills~

God bless you!