80's contest ...round 1 is up

jackiesunflower's real name is Jacqueline Lemos. Jacqueline is located in Brazil and has been a SingSnap member since November 13, 2007. Currently, she has a total of 613 public recordings which have been viewed 25,586 times.

A rocker at heart... hard rocker/punk rocker. ...who tries to sing challenging myself...5 words to sum what singing is to me: ROCK, CHARISMA, PASSION, ATTITUDE & STYLE. If you really wanna rock you've gotta let it all out and learn how to scream... of course. No matter how gorgeous your voice is or how much technique you've got. Without CHARISMA you're nothing.My aim on this site is TO ENTERTAIN!! Enjoy!!--------------------------------------------------------------Please, don't leave links to your songs on your comments to me, unless it's a complete duet to my recording or something related. I find it VERY rude. I DO BLOCK SPAMMERS AND RUDE SNAPPERS!! Be honest when you come listen to me because I am when I listen to you but remember to be POLITE. If you have nothing nice to say or don't like my style or my accent and I didn't ask you for and open public critique, just leave in silence. I am my worst judge..............................I HATE FAKE PROFILES AND FAKE PEEPS!! STAY AWAY FROM MY STUDIO AND DON´T FLAG ME.---------------------------------------------------------------Yeah, I'm here mainly for the karaoke. But I met friends in the singing fun...I'm a Speech Therapist and this is what I do for a living. Also got some experience in rock/pop bands and live stage. Love it! That's where I feel at home. I'm definitely not a studio singer. On a personal note, I'm a divorced mother of a beautiful 12 yo girl.------------------------------------------------------------------------------"If something is amazing, it won't be easy. If it's easy, it wont be amazing. If he/she is worth it, don't give up. If YOU give up, then YOU are not worthy!!!""iF tHeReS a cHaNcE tAkE iT~ iF iT ChAnGeS YoUr LiFe LeT iT!!!!!!!"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------~Before YOU put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are NO smiles available~._____________"love and be loved in return is the greatest gift human being can have"...-----------------------Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a nice and honest comment!! I always intend to return visits, as time allows.Jackie

here are some of my prizes I got on contests:

this was designed by my friend SweetMadness! thank you so much, honey!!This was designed by my friend Bob (aka fretspydr). for my performance on "Naughty Girl". Thank you, sweetheart!!This was designed by Ray in his awesome contest B.A.R.S.!! Thank you, dear friend!!

this banner was made for me, by ReyS8519 on BeatleMetalMania II. thanks, mate!

this was designed by John, my dear friend (aka RogueGuambit), for his blues/jazz challenge.
imikimi - sharing creativitythis was designed by my dear friend John, for his international challenge! thank you!
imikimi - sharing creativity
imikimi - sharing creativity
imikimi - sharing creativityThis was designed by my friend, Tammy! Too beautiful to be on slides!Thank you!
imikimi - sharing creativity
imikimi - sharing creativity