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jackiesunflower's real name is Jacqueline Lemos. Jacqueline has been a SingSnap member since November 13, 2007. She has a total of 684 public recordings that have been viewed 31,240 times and 254 achievement points.

A hard rocker at heart who tries to sing challenging myself...5 words to sum what singing is to me: ROCK, CHARISMA, PASSION, ATTITUDE & STYLE. If you really wanna rock you've gotta let it all out and learn how to scream & growl... of course. No matter how gorgeous your voice is or how much technique you've got. Without CHARISMA you're nothing.
In my opinion, a true artist can sing anything or, at least, dares trying. Never keeps stuck on the same thing but swims out of his/her safe "shell"...

“Real is...just being you. It's not letting yourself be defined by other people's opinions of you, of who they think you are, or what they expect you to be. It's refusing to let them squash you into the box they've built for you, and just being yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. Because you're never going to matter to everyone, just like everyone's never going to matter to you. So you choose the people whose opinions you care about, and you be real for them.”

Thanks for stopping by, truly listening and leaving comments. I always mean to return my visits, as time allows.

*If you stalk me, spam me or disturb me because you're clueless or because you're a damn bad kindda FAKE, I WILL BLOCK YOU. Because I came to this site for fun and I intend to continue doing what I came here for, till I'm able to.


Love is a passionate real connection between The US & Brazil.

here are some of my prizes I got on contests:

This banner was designed by my sweetheart, daytripzip, for my contest Back to The 80's 2014.

this was designed by my friend SweetMadness! thank you so much, honey!!This was designed by my friend Bob (aka fretspydr). for my performance on "Naughty Girl". Thank you, sweetheart!!This was designed by Ray in his awesome contest B.A.R.S.!! Thank you, dear friend!!

this banner was made for me, by ReyS8519 on BeatleMetalMania II. thanks, mate!

this was designed by John, my dear friend (aka RogueGuambit), for his blues/jazz challenge.
imikimi - sharing creativitythis was designed by my dear friend John, for his international challenge! thank you!
imikimi - sharing creativity

imikimi - sharing creativityThis was designed by my friend, Tammy! Too beautiful to be on slides!Thank you!
imikimi - sharing creativity
imikimi - sharing creativity