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Isis61's real name is Jill Ledet. Jill is 59 years old, is located in Oregon / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 6, 2011. She has a total of 39 public recordings that have been viewed 3,064 times and 136 achievement points.

It's getting a little better, singing, but I don't think I'm my best yet.

I'm an artist but more of a musician and solo, and writing some new songs, but this is really fun.

I'm on twitter, and facebook, my son is all grown up, and I am an empty nester now, and
am a grandmother of two amazing grandkids, omg. Did I tell you guys I always wanted to sing, and it's on my bucket list to be on the voice, if I can get good enough. So bear with me, k I've heard some really good voices on here, and playing keys is more my natural, but I'm determined to get better. I did go to the voice once, but I was so nervous, and choked up so bad I never made it through the guys in the little booths. So in between cd's, working a day job, cleaning, taking care of animals, married life, and family, I try to get better singing, when I get discouraged, am probably not on as much, then I hear someone really good on here, and I get inspired again. It's hard singing other artists songs after you've written your own, but they stretch me, thanks for visiting my profile.

This definitely takes up some time if you're not doing anything and staying out of trouble. JFYI my user name is from the Dylan song Isis, and we can't change our user names, not sure I'd want to anyway. It's too bad they took such a beautiful name and turned it into horror and disgrace, I have hope that Isis the mythical Goddess, and mystical child will own itself stronger than the other. So singing onward.

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I know quite a few songs.