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iamjohnnyprice's real name is Johnny Price. Johnny is 49 years old, is located in Georgia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 25, 2007. He has a total of 33 public recordings that have been viewed 2,032 times.

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well lets see... I'm pretty much a woman loving (hating) man whore, marine... I love having been a marine because thanks to them assholes I now know how to brainwash bitches... That's what I do... I find venerable sweet women, then I spend a year making their lives a living dream. After that I spend the next 3-4 years breaking them down. I break their ties and bonds with family and friends until I am all they have left... Then I wear them down until they are mere shadows of themselves... then I go in for the kill. I shatter their heart. And all the while I set up the next one... Lmfao!!!!!!! This one bitch... She actually lost almost 20 pounds the week I threw her out! She was the best! And the funniest part of all! She had no where to go! I'm such a dick. I love IT!!!!!!!! www.youtube.com/iamjohnnyprice stop by any time give me a shout! Yeah I yahoo too, bluesman341971@yahoo.com