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HowardH is 70 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 21, 2007. He has a total of 20 public recordings that have been viewed 1,428 times.

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This looks like fun, and I love to sing.

Because of mixing problems, I had moved to where acapella is the norm. I've been logging in here at SingSnap only occasionally. So... sorry if I take a LONG time to reply to any messages.

But I can mix now, so I think I'll start coming back to SingSnap more often!

About me: I'm 62, recently retired. My wife and I live in Alameda, California, known as "the island city" in San Francisco Bay. "Island" is too good a word - - it's just a big sand bar! (^_^) But we do cross a bridge to get home, so...

My homepage is "Konshuu no Uta", the Song-of-the-Week. Each week month occasionally, I post some of the music I've been listening to. (There are archives, too.) Check it out sometime.

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