I am SO grateful for all the listens. I'm floored. TY! 'll return them as I can. <3 Hugs!

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Hola! My name is Bridget. My girls and I (and the girls' brother) live in Florida and we love to sing - sometimes. We have a pretty busy life so we aren't on as much as we'd like to be. I apologize for not returning every listen. I'm a single mother who works full time, also. My family time with my girls is precious to me, so forgive me if I cannot return every listen. Having said that, I am grateful for every person who comes to listen to us. Please know that. xoxo

I am loved so much, and I love even harder. I can't believe I lost sight of that. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and a huge support system of people who don't dodge when the going gets tough or when someone is less than perfect. My oldest daughter and my kids are my heroes. My oldest has always stood up for what is right and surprised me when she finally addressed her demons. I say farewell to the pain.....