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Hootmouse is located in Colorado / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 20, 2007. She has a total of 23 public recordings that have been viewed 2,090 times and 62 achievement points.

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I am happily married to a great guy and have two beautiful daughters!! I am now a proud grandma and I love all three of my grandchildren dearly...they are so fun and adorable!!

I have never had a singing lesson, so I don't know the proper way to sing, I just sing. I used to dream of being in a band, but now I am too old, and I think I can finally lay that dream to rest!!

I have worked at many different jobs in my life, but one of the hardest jobs I ever had was working as a death investigator.
I learned a couple of things at that job...it doesn't matter how pretty or good looking you were, or thought you were, or how much money you had, or didn't have two things for certain happen when you die. You are ugly and you stink - plain and simple.

I am a legal investigator and work with my husband. We specialize in pattern and personal injury as well as criminal defense and death investigation. Let us know if you are in need of an investigation, we pride ourselves in helping people. We conduct our investigations from two perspectives and every angle possible.

I am down to earth and tell it like it is, like it or not, I am not going to phony it up just to please. The phony people can't handle the truth, and that is their deal, not mine!! I used to worry about what other people thought, the older I get, the wiser I become, and the less I care. So I guess there is something to say about getting older!! LOL

Life is way too short, so try to enjoy even the bumps in the road of life, for the ride doesn't last that long!!

To the TRUE friends I have met on here...I want to THANK YOU for being my friend!! I appreciate you and wish you health, happiness & wealth - always!!

"You cannot speak up for yourself when you are six feet under; so do it while you still have a voice!" by Me