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HootenHerb's real name is Herb Boone. Herb is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 10, 2008. He has a total of 26 public recordings that have been viewed 1,779 times and 249 achievement points.

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Thought it was about time to change my status. So . . . here it is . . .

Fooled ya huh?

Can you read between the lines. LOL


Here is a comment my friend and one of my favorite singers (Tove) made on one of my songs . . . "There I Said It Again."

My Comment on the song:

See . . . I told you so . . . "There I Said It Again" . . . Na na nananna!!!

Tove's Comment:

*LooooL*... yes you said it again.. and I am saying it again too.. not because I repeat myself.. but just because I don't know what to say anymore , so I just say it again... and when we say things again .. then they normaly are said again because it has to be said again... so just to say it it again... I said it again... lol