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hondurancarpenter's real name is Alexandra Nolasco. Alexandra is 38 years old, is located in Honduras and has been a SingSnap member since November 5, 2011. Alexandra has a total of 647 public recordings that have been viewed 33,730 times and 410 achievement points.

Hi there. I am in Love with music. I believe every feeling and thought can be expressed through music. I have a wonderful sponsor ( Imatt485) and have the access to wonderful songs thanks to him. I have made wonderful friends here in SS. I always love to listen to amazing singers and some hidden talents. I have a lovely family who support my hobby with patience .
Recently I found out my vocal cords were damaged. I am on a sort of singing break while they heal and I must learn to sing again using correct techniques. It is not easy for me cause I sing while I teach (preschoolers),worship, shower, or put my kids to bed. I listen back to my old recordings with a nostalgic feeling. I am counting my days till I sing full blast with all the energy, enthusiasm or blues that characterize all of my recordings.My ss friends are a constant support and each comment is a happy pill to my tired soul./eternally tired with my full work schedule. ( Translator, teacher, mom, tutor and fervent bookworm). Hugs and thanks for visiting my studio.