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HenryWingard's real name is Henry Wingard. Henry is 74 years old, is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 6, 2009. He has a total of 135 public recordings that have been viewed 6,348 times and 164 achievement points.

I am just an old man who enjoys killing his time by singing. I was born in Batesburg, South Carolina in 1946. I had three brothers and three sisters. My older brother died as a baby which left me as the oldest child. I had another brother who drowned about twenty years ago. He was a year younger than me. I have three sisters and one brother still living. My family moved to Graniteville, SC when I was 10 years old. We lived there until I graduated from Leavelle McCampbell High School in 1964. My Dad then bought a place between Graniteville and Aiken, where he lived until he died. The oldest sister of the three still lives there with her husband. I had joined the National Guard while I was still in high school, so I had to go away for training after graduation. I had Basic Training at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and my AIT training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After returning home, I worked for Graniteville Company for three years. That was the textile industry that the town of Graniteville was named for. It was a very big industry at the time, but has gone out of business since then. I married my high school sweetheart (Linda) during this time. That was in December of 1965. You do the math to see how long we have been married. I left there to go to work for Kimberly Clark in 1968 when they built a factory near Aiken in Beech Island. I worked for them for 42 years before retiring in 2009. I enjoyed working for them very much and they allowed me to care for my family very well and also see a lot of the world that I probably would not have seen if I had been working for someone else. We have two sons, Alan and Eric. Alan was born in January of 1968 and Eric in February of 1970. Would you believe they have five wives between them? Alan has married twice and Eric has married three times. They have six natural children and seven step children. This has also given us nine great grandchildren. Quite a house full! I know all this means nothing to anyone on here but me. It is also a long way to go to say that I am happy to be here. I have done some things in my life that I am proud of and some that I would rather forget, but we can't go back and change the past so I live life the way I think I am supposed to now and hope that I do nothing to hurt or offend anyone. I enjoy my singing and also enjoy traveling around some with Linda. We enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. I feel like I am probably one of the luckiest men alive to be able to be doing what I enjoy and also have the person next to me that I always wanted to be there. I Love Duets more than singing alone. Left click to highlight the link and right click to open the link.
Open Duets (If anyone is interested) Fever (Duet Version)
http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b8675a7b8 After The Fire Is Gone
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