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Gperkins2000's real name is Gail Perkins. Gail is 57 years old, is located in Arizona / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 23, 2007. She has a total of 31 public recordings that have been viewed 1,809 times.

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I have been singing for a thousand years....Ok not really a thousand... but since I could talk I have sung.

I come from a musical family, my father was an amazing drummer.
I thought I was cut out to play piano.. boy I was wrong...ohhh so very wrong

It took me awhile to realize how to use the voice I have, first I went through school choirs, I learned a lot and had a wonderful time. I started singing in church choirs once I became a Christian, but I still had not found my voice. Then one Christmas, I tried out for and got a solo. I sang Oh Happy Day..... that is the day I found my voice.

I found out I don't really have a soprano voice like I always thought I did...I then started singing on a worship team at a church ( it more like a band... a few singers...and all the instruments ) I was able to train briefly under an amazing lady, Mrs Debra Bonner.....when I had lost all confidence in myself and my abilities, she lifted me up......I will be forever thankful to Debra for her training and her belief in me.
I then moved to another church where, after a few years I was asked to assist in leading worship... I was honored and terrified all at the same
time...( I kept telling God... He had to handle all the stuff that goes with leading a band....He did! )..Under the leadership of Cliff Z....I learned a thousand things I never knew about leading a band and I am sure there are at least one million more things to learn........

So here I am here on Singsnap, with my new sound equipment
This is my new outlet for music.........

Let's see what happens : )