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I have been singing all my life BUT Look at us... has spacial meaning to both my husband an myself .. We have been marred 40 +yrs ,an I think they wrote this song for us! I hope you will take a few moments to listen...My husband was hurt about 20+ yrs. left him a quadriplegic.. we are re-defining happy ever after.....thank you........this is about me, an my family.. My father had an amazing singing voice,,he was an Irish tent er, he encouraged all of us to sing an play ,an we do, Daddy is no longer with us, but his talent lives on throw us..I am the youngest of NINE..My brothers an sisters they are all quit good. We all grow up going to church every Sunday, Wednesday, an any other day our folks could go. My brothers an sisters were the music for the church, I really never liked singing in public. It always made me too nerves. But this way I don't have stage fright. I'm not a great singer, but I do enjoy singing. I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm getting some of my kids to sing on here, my son, who has a very good voice, I've got him to do a few an now my grandson is singing with his gram pa. my sister is littleGMa an my brother is Pickerpaul,, an there are nieces an nephews on her too, that is great to keep singing generation after generation. Music is a great thing!!!! It helps lift the spirit. In times of happiness and sadness .

God bless you all!!! thank you all for putting this song in the hall of fame
(( Look at US ))