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Time to update my profile.......
Hi, my name is Gina M and I have been a SS member now for a little over 3 years. This site has been an AWESOME site for me. Not only have I met some great people on here, but I have listened to some very professional singers on here. This site never ceases to amaze me with the way they try and cater to each one of us. I love this site and it has filled a huge void in my life. It has given me a much needed place where I can sing my heart out!

A little about me,
Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I don't really like talking about myself too much. That being said, I have had people ask me on here if I'm a professional singer. So here's my story and I'm sticking to it unless of course I change my mind. Lol!

I sang my first solo in church at the ripe old age of 5. They put me on a chair and I cut loose with "He's got the whole world in His hands." I did my own choreography too! Lol! I still have a memory of that. Lol!
I have had a passion for music, since I was very young. I used to get the neighborhood kids together and I would make them sit on the porch while I sang and acted out my songs. Remember the "Little Rascals?" I was Darla....or Alfalfa, depending on who I felt like that day! Lol!
I'm sure looking back that my friends thought I was just plain NUTS but that's ok. Most musicians are a little quirky. I've grown into that and I'm all right now being quirky!

Next chapter....
I grew up singing in church so of course Gospel music is my roots and what better roots to have then southern gospel or black gospel. My father played a fender guitar and I used to sit with him in the basement and sing while he strummed along. He and my Mom always had country music playing in the house and I was born in W.Va so I was always listening to country at home. My dad wasn't what I call a musician and neither was my Mom. I was adopted and they recognized that I was a singer at a young age. I started piano lessons in the 4th grade and that continued until I graduated from High School. I learned classical music in piano and I did take a year of voice lessons also. So now I had not only Gospel music in me, and country but classical as well.
Then High School brought me the "Theatre"! Ahh the "Theatre"! Lol!
We performed many a musical in my HS choral dept. I became a "student director" when I was in 10 grade. What that meant was I was the right hand helper to our Director. I had a black director and if you know anything about the 70's growing up in Ohio, that was an unusual thing. He was AWESOME and I had great respect for him! He took me under his wing and he taught me how to direct choirs. He used to sit in his office and let me direct the girl's chorus. We had a concert choir which was our lead choir and ensembles also. We were the top HS choir at the time in the State of Ohio. I learned so much from him in those 3 years. He was tough and expected perfection. He got what he asked for. We were singing college music and our musicals were choreographed by professionals who he hired to come in. He gave me my love for directing choirs.

Next chapter.....
After graduation, I got married and married a wonderful man who was also a musician and soloist. God then opened up many doors for us in our married life. I started directing children's choirs in churches in my 20's and that led to adult choirs in my 30's and on up! When we lived in VA, our church choir was one of the featured choirs to sing for the "Pageant of Peace" every year on the stage in front of the White House. That was an AWESOME time! I directed many musicals in my life and my "ex" had a talent for producing and getting all the details that I didn't like doing done!
I have lead a very rich life in those years and I do miss those years. I had an opportunity in my younger years handed to me to be on "Hee Haw." Long story short I met a lady who was on the show at the time. She heard me sing at a wedding and she was living 6 months out of the year in Ohio with her hubby and the other 6 months in Nashville. I spent an afternoon with her and she wanted me to go with her to meet Roy Clark and Buck Owens.
I had just had my first child and here she was offering me this opportunity. The only problem was, she wanted me to leave my family and go with her to Nashville. I turned her down and have wondered at times where I might have been if I hadn't. God knows best though doesn't he?
I wouldn't have changed anything about my life. I had a lot of sorrow in my life, being adopted and raised as an only child wasn't as easy as one would think.
God gave me the gift of music and He knew what I needed to keep me sane in this world I'm living in. To HIM be ALL the GLORY!

Last chapter......
Now I'm older and hopefully wiser. I'm divorced, single and raising my oldest granddaughter by myself. We've been together for 11 years. She has the music bug too and just got into "show choir" in her HS for this coming year. She has a beautiful soprano voice....a lot like her Mom actually. I have other granddaughter's who sing also. I believe some more soloists are on their way soon. Lol!
I love music and I love people....most of them anyway, and the ones I don't, well God helps me to love them! Lol!
Being a church choral director had it's challenges over the years. My job was always to encourage others to find their talent and develop it. I loved doing that. Though I love to sing, I think in those years, I loved directing even more. When I could see someone sing a solo for the first time and didn't think they could was probably one of the highlights of my life. There's a lot of ego in singers, I know but if we could learn to just accept ourselves the way God sees us, maybe we wouldn't need all that praise from others all the time.
I learned a long time ago, that just because I sing, doesn't make me a better person than someone else who can't. Everyone has a talent and a passion. We just have to find what that is and go for it! We aren't what we do, we ARE what God allows us to become in Him!
Thank you to all of those who still support me by your sweet comments. I do appreciate and love all of you too!
Thank you Trevor for being the kind of person who saw a need in musicians to create a site like this for all of us "quirky" people!
If anyone reads this, you need a medal! LOL!
God Bless!