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Hello SSnappers!
Well I'm not one for posting a lot of things on my profile page but sitting here tonight I was reflecting back when I joined SS in 2010. I was thinking about how many wonderful people I had met on here during all these years and listened to them sing and some I became friends with on here. So many of those have passed on or left SS. I remember all of them in the early years for me and I do miss them still.

Someone recently asked me when I started singing and what was my story. So here it is and I will do my best to make it as short as possible and for those who know me well, they know that's not easy for me to do! Lol!

I started singing when I was a child and sang my first solo in a church at the ripe old age of 5. I still remember that and I sang "He's got the Whole World in His hands." I was so short they had to put me on a chair in front of the podium so people could see me and my hand motions that I made up! Lol!
Some things never change in my life. I'm still short and have stood in front rows of choirs and on pedestals when I was directing choirs which leads me to the next big part of my life.

I grew up in church and loved it and was raised listening to Gospel music and Hymns. Then in HS I had a wonderful mentor named Mr. Jefferson who saw potential in me as a young teen and took me under his wing and worked with me and taught me how to direct a Girl's chorus. I was not in the Girl's chorus I was in the Concert Choir, but he wanted me to learn how to direct so he taught me. I had started playing piano in 4th grade and competed as a teen in Classical music. So now I had Gospel music in my veins and Classical music and then I grew up an only child and my Mom and Dad only listened to country and bluegrass. Lol!
So I developed a love for all styles of music and then in HS choir came all the Musicals and we did a LOT! I loved the Theatre and found I had a flair for the dramatic. Still do I guess! Lol! What woman doesn't? Lol!
So in those years my Choral Director Mr. Jefferson made me his Student Director and I received the Music Award in my Senior Year.
I knew from the moment I could talk that music and harmony would always be a part of me and it still is to this day.

God had a plan for my life that led me down a road of directing choirs in churches for a little over 35 years. I directed Children's choirs in my 20's and found out how much a child I was on the inside and related very well with children. I loved working with kids because they are so free spirited and aren't bound by what we adults are sometimes. They think outside the box and adults think inside. I found I liked outside better! Lol!

So over those years I found my love for all music and performing was huge but I loved mostly teaching others how to sing and act on stage and perform.
We moved from Ohio to FL where I got hired at a Christian School to start a music program with Children from the ages of 1st grade through 6th and also directed the Church's adult choir for those 2 years. After 2 years we moved to Virginia.

One of the church choirs I directed back in VA many years ago was one of the featured choirs for the Washington DC Pageant of Peace every year. We were one of the many choirs who went there, some came from all over the country to perform on the stage there for the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. That will always be the highlight of my life I think when it came to choirs.
I also directed a Community Choir in VA 2 years in a row at my church there. We did "Handle's Messiah." I hired professional singers from the Wash DC area to sing the solo parts and then the community choir sang the choral parts. Another highlight of my life in Choral Directing.

I have been very fortunate to have had the privilege to have done many things in music in my life and it has been my life along with being married for almost 33 years to raising 2 daughters who between the 2 of them gave me 6 Granddaughters.

Life being what life can be though took a turn for the worse over 20 some years ago and though my now ex and I got through it, it did take a toil on our marriage and our family and all the children that followed.

Though I won't get into the details of the last 20 years the pressure it put on my marriage took us down. I will say that drugs were involved and all my Granddaughters where born in and around that time.
I ended up raising my oldest Granddaughter after my divorce over 14 years ago by myself and never being on my own before was a challenge for me over the years. These past years have seen so much sorrow in my personal life but I AM grateful and always will be for all my granddaughter's and my daughters and for God's Grace in all our lives.
I have great memories of most of those years and will always treasure them.
I found myself the last 14 years to be a surrogate Mom again and now I find myself taking care of my elderly Mother who is 88 and having a lot of struggles both her and I.

Life has taken it's toil on me and God and music has always been my constant. I thank God for giving me the ability in music that HE did. It is not my gift to share but HIS through me.

Ok, well guess I failed at making this a short bio but how do you cram all those years into paragraphs? Lol!
I am grateful for SS over the last 9 years of my life on here. It came at a time when I needed to sing again so badly. I am also grateful for Trevor to have had the insight to create this site for people like me.
For everything that might be wrong with this site there is a WHOLE LOT OF RIGHT ABOUT IT!
So thank YOU Trevor!
Ok I'm done now!
Thanks to any who might take the time to read all of this or even be interested. I am not one to talk about myself much unless your a close friend of mine. Believe it or not, I am a bit shy like most performers can be except on a stage.
Thanks again for all the comments and the wonderful friendships and the GREAT DUETS I've been able to sing with others. I am a Harmony person and sing my heart on here all the time.
I LOVE when others sing with me and when I can I will sing with some of you.
My life is very hard every day these days and maybe someday, God will see fit to help me to move forward again.

P.S. This might not stay up long. Just!