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gentleone is 52 years old and has been a SingSnap member since August 18, 2011. gentleone has a total of 435 public recordings that have been viewed 27,986 times.

my name is Rhonda
Update,,, July 5/2018 Chris asked me to update all his SS family of friends.
Chris Hammack ( papawbluegene) has been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. Please pray for healing for his body and his whole being,,,, it’s been a very tough several years for him. Please remember his family and loved ones during this time as well. Thank You!!!

I am on holidays this month of July/ 2018 and won’t be able to get much listening done while visiting my Maplegrove family.

I love to sing.... for me it is a wonderful way of releasing all the emotions from within my heart.... I love to feel a song!!!! and singing brings me joy
As far back as I can remember I have loved to sing.... sometimes I like to just have fun with a song ... but most of the time,,, I tend to sing ballads... and I enjoy musicals and duets...
( Thank you if you join me on my open duets )
I love duets with beautiful harmony!!!
I have made some wonderful friends here in SS and some have become family to my heart and I love these people dearly who have made a wonderful difference in my life!!!
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

I have no room in my life for drama and just want to sing and enjoy music together...
Thank you if you stop by for a listen

God Bless You all
Happy singing
Blessings and hugs