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I love to sing....have since I was a little girl. I know I'm not that great....but it sure does relieve a lot of stress. I try to sing when I feel like singing. Some days I do well.....others I just can't. I appreciate all my friends that I have come to love and care for. Thank you for being there for means so much to me!


JUNE 25TH 2008: I desperately need your prayers right now.
I found out on Monday I may have breast cancer.
I have never been so terrified and worried in my life.
I'm not sure right now how much I will be on here.

Just know that you (my friends) mean the world to me. And if I am gone for a period of will know why!

UPDATE JULY 21st: I go tomorrow to have the last part of my MRI done.
Won't be long now before I hear something.
This waiting is the hardest part.
I still need prayers....desperately.
Thanks to those of you who have stood beside me through all of this. You'll never know how much it means to me!!!

UPDATE JULY 24TH: I got a call yesterday from my Dr.'s office and they want to see me today. The Radiologist called my Dr. and told him I needed to come in to see him today. I'm terrified right now. I've never been this afraid in my life....and I pray to God it is nothing to worry about....but I have a feeling it is! Still need some prayers.......hugssss

UPDATE JULY 26th: The Dr told me I have inflammatory breast cancer. It is a very rare but aggressive form of cancer. I'm waiting now to see a surgeon, which will probably be Monday or Tuesday. I'm scared beyond anything I can tell any of you. It seems every day the pain level is increasing. At first I didn't even have pain at all. is starting to hurt really bad. I'm a firm believer in God....he created me....and only HE knows what's in store for me. I'm also a believer in prayer....I've seen it work for many people. So I ask you to please include me in your prayers. If Jesus can walk on water....this is a small feat compared to that!!!!


UPDATE AUGUST 2nd:I saw the surgeon this past Tuesday. Instead of having inflammatory breast cancer....I have invasive lobular carcinoma. It is bad enough...but not nearly as bad as the other is. I hate being sick....I hate not knowing what this is going to do to me......I just HATE CANCER PERIOD!!!!!!!

UPDATE AUGUST 14th: I saw another surgeon today for a second opinion. I like him much better than the other one that wanted money upfront before she would do my surgery. I also had a biopsy today to find out what stage and what KIND of cancer this is.
He told me today that NO ONE should have diagnosed this cancer and given a name to it without a biopsy. So....I go see the oncologist Monday....and have my medi port put in for my chemo on Tuesday morning. The chemo should start soon. Please keep me in your prayers. I know God can heal me through the hands of some very competent Dr's.

Love you all.........Genia

UPDATE AUGUST 27th: I had a appointment with my Oncologist today. I was supposed to go on Monday....but I felt horrible and could barely drag myself outta bed, so I rescheduled my appt for today. Yesterday wasn't much better, but then by evening I was feeling a little bit better.

I went to see him today.....again this morning feeling bad again. It was almost more than I could do to even get a shower.

He came in to talk to me....and gave me the results of my brain scan. It was NEGATIVE for cancer THANK GOD!!!! But he is sending me to see a Neurologist. There was some kind of abnormality in the white matter in the front of my brain. I have NO idea what that means and neither did he. He showed me the report and told me that since this wasn't his field he couldn't make heads or tails out of what it was saying. One thing it did say that I understood was that it was indicative of someone who had migraines for years. I don't HAVE I'm not sure what this means. So that bought me a ticket to see the Neurologist at some point in the near future.

He thinks I have an infection in the incision for my chemo port. I thought it was looking ok.......but he didn't think so. He said that could be why I am feeling so crummy for the past 3 days.

So I'm on an antibiotic for 7 days and then he will start the chemo when I'm finished with it!!!

I swear if my body had ONE OUNCE of normal I think I would faint!!!! lolol

So that's my chemo until next week.......

Oh yea....the lymph nodes tested positive for cancer too. And he told me that this tumor is being fed by Estrogen and Progesterone. Makes sense to me......I hit menopause and this went haywire!!!! But that's a good thing!!! Because once I'm done with the chemo....they can put me on drugs to deplete the Estrogen and Progesterone so this won't come back again. I will probably turn into the DEVIL WOMAN.....but at least I'll be alive.......lolol

Thanks and hugssssss..........Genia

UPDATE SEPT 4th: Going back today to see the surgeon to get this chemo port checked.
This thing has caused me so many problems since I got it put in. Many women have told me I will be glad once my chemo starts....that I have it...but I'm really wondering right now. Very many sleepless nights since it's been in there. I just can't get comfortable no matter which way I lay.....ugh!!!
I may as well stop complaining...because this is just the beginning of my LONG battle with this horrific disease!!!

Love you all...hugs!!!

UPDATE SEPT 24th: Today is the day I start chemo. While I'm dreading this and so scared to get it.......I'm very ready in so many ways. I was told I have no chance of survival without it. So I need to start thinking of it as a life saving measure instead of dreading it so much!!!
I think the fear of the unknown is far worse that actually getting the chemo done.
Just wanted to keep you kinda updated along the way......
Lots of hugs......and thankfulness for your concern and prayers. I'll be back when I can.


UPDATE OCT 12th: My hair started falling out really bad on Friday. I went yesterday and got it all buzzed off. It was a hard thing to do.....but the ONE thing I had control over through this whole cancer deal. I couldn't deal with it falling out by hands full.......that was killing me.

It really hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would. Takes a lot less time to get ready to go someplace.....I can ride with my window down in the car and don't have to worry about my hair getting messed up (yes I'm one of those people)........and it's very COOL.'s COLD.....which is why I am wearing a bandanna under my ball cap. Not used to the old head being bare!!!! lol

I really felt good all last week. I get my next round of chemo this Weds. Thank God it is working....and my tumor is shrinking!!! Lots of prayers for me........and I know in my heart they are working.

Thanks to all of you who care and have been checkin on will never know how much that means to me!


UPDATE DEC 7th: I have officially done 4 rounds of chemo and have 2 more left.

I will be so happy when they are all finished. Each it's own the worst! I have to laugh at some people when they say to me.....I've heard they get easier as you go. Meaning......I have NO CLUE but I'm trying to make you feel They don't get easier....just different. For instance......this time.....I was blessed/cursed with mouth sores and a lack of an appetite. I detest food.....don't want it.....only eating because I know I have to! I have this mouth rinse that is supposed to take care of the mouth sores......but it isn't working! So for days....I have had them. The Dr. just says keep using will work! OOOOOKKKKKK.....I'll sure do it.....cause I ain't got nothin to lose!

I went to see my surgeon last week. He says he can barely feel my tumor. It is so's hard to find. This is the same tumor that was bigger than an orange when I started with my chemo. So the chemo is working......thank God!! I asked him what would happen if after the chemo......there was no more cancer.......and he said......that's not gonna happen. could!!! I know a lady it happened to.....and now her Dr is trying to decide what to do. There's no lump to she is facing the question........what do I do now??? I would be very tempted to say THANK GOD IT'S GONE......see ya later!!! lol I'm sure stranger things have happened.....and God is very smart and knows exactly what he is doing.........SOOOOOO........

I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving......and Christmas is just around the corner. I for one feel very blessed to just be alive right now!

UPDATE MARCH 15th: I thought I had better give you all an update before I'm so sore I can't type much.
I am scheduled for a single and possibly and double mastectomy on Tuesday, March 17th. I go in to see my surgeon tomorrow to discuss which it will be. My surgery is set for 9 am. I would love it if you all could say a prayer around that time. God has brought me so far in this fight.....and I know he will be right there with me on that day.
Thanks to those of you who have been here for me through this whole nightmare. I can never say thank you enough!



UPDATE: June 17th 2009.
I didn't realize until someone brought it to my attention, that I hadn't updated my page since before my surgery. I made it through surgery with no problems. During the surgery, the Dr. found a new cancer in the same breast. He couldn't get it all because it was so close to my chest he opted to get as much as he could then get the remainder with radiation, which is where I am right now. I have had 26 out of 35 treatments.
It's been very hard for me....and I've had burns twice so far. I have very little energy....almost lethargic at times. I go to treatment every day, then come home and sleep about 3 hours. I guess no part of cancer treatment is easy.
I had a CT/PET scan about a month ago and it came back hopefully we caught this cancer in time.
Thanks for all your prayers and emails checking on me. I'll be back....hopefully soon!!!

UPDATE May 23, 2011:

Today...I'm in remission. It's been a very long 3 years and I'm so thankful that God healed me!
I appreciate your prayers from the bottom of my heart.
I never take one day for granted anymore, because I'm well aware it could be my last.
Thanks to those that have been there for me since day one.