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Greetings and thanks for stopping by...

One of my passions is playing and entertaining those in Senior's Homes.. These folks are the backbone of our society and I believe that they should be pampered, entertained and treated with respect.. And all for free.. I have a big problem with Seniors Homes paying for people to come in to entertain.. If these performers want to get paid, they should go to a bar., not a Seniors Home.. Recently I had a short discussion with one such individual.. He told me that he was retired and had 6 grand tied up in equipment and this would help pay for it.. I suggested he go to a dance hall or a lounge to get paid, but to stay away from the Old Folks' Homes.. I will continue to entertain these folks for free.. I love every minute of it.. The smiles and the occasional tear is all the payment I need.

After serving time in the Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard I retired.. I enjoy singing and playing old time country music. I was in a few bands years ago.. I played bass, background lead and rhythm guitar... Today I thank computers, music software and the digital age., as I would hate to go back to analog mixers and sound on sound tape recorders like I used in the past.. My favorite guitar pickers of years ago were Dwayne Eddy, who produced a twangy lead guitar sound, and Don Rich, who played backup and lead guitar for Buck Owens..

I am self taught and play by ear.. I have to do things different today since I broke the index finger on my left hand a few years ago... This really makes for some interesting guitar playing since the sounds just aren't there like they used to be....

Most of my tunes are old time country, some of which, I have done up a bit different.. I enjoy doing Instrumentals and Duets and I would be honored if you would join me and sing or play along..

If you like my music kindly leave a comment or sign my guestbook, or drop me an email.. I truly appreciate it...

Please don't overload my song pages with heavy graphics, if so, I will delete them.. Thank You..

Take Care and Be Safe Everyone..

God Bless..