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I love to sing. Haven't had much time to do so but here I am. Maybe one day soon I'll get started.

Not here for anyone but myself just to mess around. Don't care for ratings or comments at this point. I'm not a loner just maybe a stick in the mud. I enjoy singing the songs I grew up with for fun not popularity. Not looking to get noticed if that's what they do here. Some people here are simply FANTASTIC and probably need to pursue a professional singing career. Not so with me. I've listened to others that don't sing so well and noticed that they are still ranked pretty high. Hummmm??? I would have to say they are either very nice people that many respect, they listen and rate other singers (in their "community") and therefore that singer feels obligated to "love" them back, or simply put, regardless of how they sing, have just an awesome attitude and is why others feel the need to rate them.

I myself don't think I'm a great singer so no need to "love" my songs. I know, I sound pretty much like a snob right? Well, I'm really not, I'm just another karaoke wierdo just like many of us here that don't like to be fake and wish others didn't get so offended if an honest opinion was made about their singing. But, people really don't want to know the truth, they just want to be complemented right? I guess that's why so many people love to hate Simon Cowell. But I digress....

If there are any good Christian songs here, I might attempt to sing them as long as they are in my range and my style. I like all kinds of music but mainly like Country, the old style and not so much the new stuff. I like old R&B music too from back in the day. Lots of great music to enjoy and this place seems to have a bunch.

I've been married for many years and love my wife very much. We've been together for soooooo long. I would have to say that she is "my very best thing" to quote a cool sci-fi flick we saw once. Our kids are all grown and have families of their own so it's just us now but we love each other very much and that keeps us strong.

We also enjoy God's wonderful creation and try to travel to many places just to admire the beauty of nature. Maybe that's why I haven't had time to record anything ha!

Oh, I didn't put down my age or where I'm from? Well, I guess that's because that's the way I want it he he!

I'm really actually a pretty nice guy