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fredericw is located in Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 6, 2008. He has a total of 100 public recordings that have been viewed 58,260 times and 11 achievement points.

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First of all:

If you are into creating and/or living out ONLINE DRAMA then I would much prefer it if you GO ELSEWHERE!

My life is full & blessed and without offending anyone, I am NOT on the Internet & on SingSnap to suddenly become a new character within a fictional soap opera filled with ongoing drama. I don't like online feuds - it is a waste of my time & energy.
I am here out of a love & affection for music and to enjoy moments of laughter. I am NOT online to become a VIRTUAL "LOVE INTEREST"!
I don't believe nor am I interrested in being placed in the middle of any TWISTED & DELUSIONAL online spats & feuds. Life is way too short.
I really don't view & consider the internet as the ideal venue for acquiring love nor do I care to desperately seek out the attention & affection of strangers.
Sorry it's not my personal choice.

I am not one who will play head games; CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES!


Now with that out of the way; I am fluently bilingual in: English & French.
Je parle Anglais et Francais et j'habite dans l'est du Canada.

I reside in the Eastern part of Canada & yes I am an AVID HOCKEY fan.
I worked several years in the Music Industry for one of the global recording labels in promo & sales & I have heard my share of vocalists' demos.
I guess that my previous work history is partly a reason why I so love listening to everyone from around the world expressing themself vocally on SS.
I believe that everyone DOES own a valid vocal sound, however, some as opposed to others may own a more viable & commercial vocal tone.

I actually do appreciate all musical styles & I am also always willing to attempt to sing melodies that were previously recorded by either a female or a male vocalist.

I can't comprehend why anyone would ever insist on labelling a song as being created for only a male &/or female.
Lyrics are lyrics & a MELODY is nothing more than a series of musical notes trying to convey an emotion to the audience!

Get real; Lyricists & Composers have never limited their scope of creativity</> by giving birth to a musical composition that is designed to be interpreted by only one specific gender!

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a "GENDER BENDER" song.

That term in itself strates a naivity & ignorance toward the basic nature of music.

A melody & its lyrics are created with the purpose of being vocally expressed by either a male &/or female vocalist.

I believe that your voice is an insight & a gateway into your soul.

Musical artists attempt to vocally showcase the core emotion provided within the lyrical content & even though I am not a vocalist, I do try my best to allow my soul the liberty of freely expressing itself.

I appreciate it when Snappers do take the time to provide me with BRUTALLY HONEST constructive critism such as; "Oh Boy, you really should not sing that specific song" or "do you know that my dog started barking at the computer when you tried to sustain that last note?"

Sorry but I am one of the many on here who does not appreciate blantantly false pasted comments. They may be designed to flatter yet they strate a lack of respect for peers on the site; the classic standard brush off line of:u>"Oh that was AWESOME, five stars*****falling on you"! ~ Yeah right, the chances are that these individuals never took the time to listen to one single note that you have just sang yet they post a comment with the sole purpose of obtaining an audience for their songs!

I personally love to listen to all type of musical genres and I may be known to write comments that are the lenght of a screenplay, but I do make it a point to listen from start to finish.
I love it when anyone does "HIJACK" one of my SS coversongs and they bring it into a DUET. I appreciate it when someone does place their voice and vision upon a melody that I have tried to sing.

We are supposedly all members of this online community because we fundementally share a genuine passion for music!


We are also NOT recording Grammy award winning vocal performances that eventually enter into the Recording Academy's HALL OF FAME.
I have a very low level of tolerance when it comes to self-centered narcisstic behavior from online Divas (male or female).
How anyone can seriously regard a karaoke sing as being an important life achievement is beyond my comprehension!
In my opinion, it is only the very shallow & spiritually empty individuals who begin to believe that they are unique & special simply because they performed a specific musical note on a generic Karaoke track.

I personally don't believe in participating in any organized SS "Contests".

Once again, in my humble opinion, contests are mostly biased & are the ideal venue for allowing a total stranger to hurt & or crush the feelings of another individual.
Usually the opinon from online Simon Cowell wannabes is worthless & non valid.
They may feel that they can judge their peers while hidding behind the mask of annonimity but I do not pay much credence to their opinions.
These "wannabe music critics" falsely try to portray an online illusion of possessing a vaste musical background that does render their opinion as being musically knowledgable yet they often have no professional experience in music to back up their opionions. Often they remain clueless in regards to music in general. Most have truly never worked professionally within the musical field so do not allow them to hurt your feelings or hamper your creativity.

In my opinion; We all have a valid voice to share after all it is God that gave us our specific voices that each of us own!

I truly am not the best male karaoke singer on this or any other site & I will never be considered by anyone as being a vocalist.

I am but a man who loves music & who is on an online karaoke site to participate in clean respectable family fun while enjoying my musical hobby which is trying to sing & make people laugh.

I feel fortunate to have encountered many wonderful people from around the globe while on SS.
We are all on Trevor's site to share songs about life & love and laugh while proving that we as humans can all identify with the same traits & emotions within our souls regarless of our background & life experience.

Once again, please note that if you have a massive EGO regarding your voice & that you are looking to have your ego stroked or that you have a history of enjoying to create turmoil upon any given website and/ or you constantly seek out the attention of strangers to fill up the void spaces within your everyday life; Please no offense but STAY OFF MY PAGES.
You will not be welcome by me or my online friends & I would much prefer that you totally ignore me as well.
I don't have the time, the inclination nor do I have the patience to deal with any BS disturber, dramaqueen, r & or headgames' player.
We are all supposed to be s who no longer conduct themself as immature pimple face juveniles.

Enough said now let's have us some fun and sing... *hey what's the key for this song again?* LOL
Sorry for the wordy length of my profile page. After having to endure some flakes that tried to ruin my online experience upon this site, I guess that nobody will now be able to accuse me of not speaking my mind & spelling out my rules of conduct plain & clear! LOL

Merci beaucoup!