flyingscotsman13's real name is John Thomson. John is 57 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since January 8, 2009. Currently, he has a total of 4467 public recordings which have been viewed 194,561 times.

Time for update .. Margaret and I now live together in a beautiful country cottage.. We have our 2 dogs between who love the large enclosed garden .. We moved here at the begining of August 2012. We have had a few BBQ's but the weather has been terrible this year ... So here is hoping that next summer is a great one ...

I have a condition called Fibromyalgia (Chronic Pain Syndrome).. I have been unable to work since 2008 .. I was retired from my work as a Psychiatric Nurse .. I so much hate this Fibromyalgia .. I have 2 sons whom I am very proud of .. I also have 3 lovely grandkids, but I also have an extended family now and Margarets family and grandkids mean so much to me too .. I really don't know what the future holds for me .. I have been told there is no cure for what I have .. But just have to live on meds and take it one day at a time ... In August 2012 Margaret and I moved in together and we now live in a country cottage about 2 miles from our nearest village .... we have settled into our new home and loving every minute of it ... I also now have my 76 year old Mum lives with me due to her health problems which has limited my SS time ...

I love singing, It always cheers me up when I am singing.. Sing Snap has meant so much to me since I found this site and probably will be even more so now .. I have so many friend from all over and have met a few aswell .. It is my main source of socialising and entertainment .. It means so much to be able to have folks around me here who really do care .. Thanks everyone for all you comments .... John