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finha's real name is Afa Assis. Afa is 45 years old, is located in Brazil and has been a SingSnap member since August 8, 2013. She has a total of 1,692 public recordings that have been viewed 80,834 times and 511 achievement points.

I'm Afa

I'm Brazilian and I only speak Portuguese, my native language
But I dare to sing in English, Spanish and Italian, and of course I love singing in my language as well.
I do not have the beautiful voice, but I love to sing, and I love doing duets, but that doesn’t mean I‘m coming on to anyone if I do.
I also love playing the guitar and playing with my pets.
I have four dogs, eight cats and a couple of birds.
Welcome to my studio.



sirgito & finha - Forever By Your Side - (The Manhattans)
Thank you Gito for the wonderful duet and video, I loved You are amazing

sirgito & finha - No Me Ames - ( JenniferLopez & MarcAnthony)
Thank you Gito for the wonderful video, you did a beautiful job and I loved it

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Thank you for friendship and for share the talent of yours with me
Thank you so much