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Fataldog is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 30, 2006. He has a total of 802 public recordings that have been viewed 29,135 times and 107 achievement points.

The sum total of my experience as a singer was some 51 years ago I was in a band. We belonged to the musicians union, and played a lot of "gigs". It was a lot of fun, but that was when I was a young pup. Now I'm just an ol' dog who loves to listen to beautiful music. I don't fashion myself a singer at all. In my band, I just used to sing some backup. I have a $24 microphone, no special effects, no range, no power, no talent, THAT's how I roll. I've been married to the same wonderful woman, Diana for 46 years. We have three children, 2 sons who are dentists, and a daughter who the managing director of a big investigation firm. We have a grandson and a granddaughter. We live in Las Vegas.

I'm a bald Elvis impersonator; just kidding!

fataldog is the name of my company. We manufacture hats.


I'm a former law enforcement officer, everyone calls me Doc because I have a Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology.

Singing badly is something I really do well.